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The food supply in the average city in the United States, if it’s not daily renewed, would run out in about 3 days — Lester Brown “The Planet’s Scarcest Resource is Time,” March 22, 2011.

Cheap food may be a thing of the past in U.S. LA TIMES

Americans spend only about 10% of their annual incomes on food, compared with as much as 70% in other countries, but with prices climbing, some economists wonder whether the nation’s abundance of affordable food is history.

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Growing your own food helps to make you recession proof.  Also, the advantages of a small home-based business like our farm stand can help  insure a family during rising costs. The hike in gas and food prices has little affect on our lives and it is  a truly liberating feeling from the market’s every whim.

Growing your own has liberating effect on your wallet and your life.   It is a a huge step towards self reliance. Not only are you able to feed yourself/family, you are also sowing a more local food economy.

However, we know that  the self reliant, urban homesteading lifestyle  is not available to everyone and that times are really difficult. We feel for those who are going through some tough economic times with the increase in food  prices and gas.  Our prayers are with those going through hard times.  I’ll talk more about making do and stretching your stores in a later post.

What if you aren’t able to grow your own?  Find local farms in your are through or support Farmer’s Markets.

Also, if you can find a place where you can make bulk purchases, that can certainly help a great deal.

How sweet it is! Raw, local honey comb

AcornCakes mix

Front Porch Farm Stand

If you are local, our front porch farm stand is offering the BEST greens and salads you’ll ever eat.  Thanks to over two decades of organic soil building, you can certainly TASTE the difference!   The unblanched celery & pea shoots  are selling like hot cakes – can’t pick the greens fast enough!!!   We are also offering raw local Honey Comb (only a few lbs left!)  Acorn Pancake Mix, Heirloom Seeds and much more!

The front porch farm stand is a small CSA of sorts.  So, if you want to stop by, you need to sign up on our email list, fill out a form and then make an appointment to pick up.

Thanks for supporting local foods & farms!


  1. Ruth G says:

    thank you for your continuing inspirational posts. I was just having a conversation with a friend about eating locally, which can be a bit of a challenge here in New England. There are things (like the beautiful citru fruit in your photo…yum, looks delicious) that just doesn’t grow in our climate. However, I don’t think it is as expensive as my friend believed, espeically if you go directly to the source… the farmer! I just did some research for her and was delighted to see that a local farm offers not only a fruit and vegetable CSA ($12 per week for the early Spring share) but also a Meat/Milk/Eggs CSA for just $50 per week that was far more than needed for a couple for a week. Even in our small garden (about 1/4 acre total) doing but a fraction of what you do, we grow more than enough veggies and berries to last us for the year.

    So, even without being in sunny California, by going to the source such as Farmer’s Markets or your front porch farm stand I completely agree that people can eat very well and still keep their budget in control.

  2. Jeni says:

    I just love your post! The never let me down! They are full of inspiration and you continue to remind of my goal in life! To do what your family is doing! Baby steps:) Thank You for being you!

    BTW little Clemmy is loving the wheat grass I have grown for her and the rest of the gals, thanks for teaching me that!!

    God Bless

  3. Judy Songer says:

    You and your family are a wonderful inspiration. We are doing everything to turn our city lot into a farm as well.

    • Anais says:

      @Judy Songer: We are certainly blessed to be able to share our journey and inspire so many to start their own city farm. Wishing you a bountiful and productive season. Happy spring!

  4. elaine says:

    Thank you for all your helpful hints on how to make due with what you have. It is really helpful. Can’t wait to read your information on how to stretch your stores that you say you will be writing.

    I have noticed in my area that farmers markets are increasing. I have two quite close to home. One is is even in the parking lot of the local community college. This makes it very accessable.

    In addition to buying at farmers markets, I continue to grow some veggies and even trying strawberries this year. It feels good to grow your own.

    • Anais says:

      @elaine: Good to hear, that’s great! That’s the way to GROW!

  5. Chris Bowers says:

    That honeycomb looks tasty!

  6. Mich says:

    We have certainly noticed the price of a basket of basic grocery rocketing here in the UK.
    I grow as much as I can fit into our veg plots, I’m lucky that I have space for soft fruit & fruit trees AND when the garden is producing it certainly makes an impact on how much my weekly grocery bill comes too!
    Even if I didnt have ground space I would still try to grow salads, beans in tubs…. You cant beat the taste of fresh veggies.

    • Anais says:

      @Mich: Sure can’t. Thanks for sharing your growing efforts. Happy spring and best wishes on a good growing year!

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