You asked for ’em now you got ’em – bumper stickers to show your support for not to mention proudly state that “I grow my own.”

FG is offering them for $6.00 (plus $1.00 S&H)   FYI from this offer $3.00 goes towards supporting and our “CHANGE FOR CHANGE” fund raising campaign.

Thank you for supporting our continuing outreach efforts in helping our site grow. (which has reached almost 5,000 members!)

Freedom Gardens in the Spotlight!
Freedom Gardeners: Homegrown Revolution  (
By Marie Oser

In March of this year, First Lady Michelle Obama planted the first White House vegetable garden since the ‘Victory Garden’ days of Eleanor Roosevelt.

Edible landscaping is as old as Babylonia and has been cultivated throughout history, often gaining prominence in times of social or economic instability. This type of urban agriculture sprouted up in the 16th and 17th centuries in Europe where the potager or kitchen garden supplied vegetables, herbs and fruit.

In WWI they were called Liberty Gardens and subsequently became the Relief Gardens of the Great Depression era.

Freedom Gardens, a sort of a Facebook meets Farmer’s Almanac, is a social networking site for homegrown food enthusiasts that launched in May of 2008. Here, novice and expert growers from all over the world gather to post success stories, ask questions and share techniques and ideas that support self-sustained living.

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  1. Kendra @ A Sonoma Garden says:

    I LOVE this bumper sticker! So glad that you guys made it!

  2. Matron says:

    Supermarkets make me angry for many reasons! The least of which is that what fresh fruit and veg they sell is cr*p! Grow your own anything! Just have a go and I guarantee to anyone you won’t look back!

  3. mavis says:

    I’ve never bought a bumper sticker before….until now. I can’t wait to proudly stick this to the back of my car!

  4. James says:

    I bought one already, but wanted to change the purchase number to 2, but there was no way to do that.

    So I’ll put it on my car. My wife will be on her own… 😉

  5. girlgroupgirl says:

    Isn’t edible landscaping as old as Eden?

  6. Deb says:

    Eden, indeed!

  7. Cena says:

    And perhaps there is edible landscaping in heaven?

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