“There is a myth that there are agricultural societies, and then there are industrial societies and service societies, as if when you become an industrial or service society you don’t need food,” she says. “As we hit climate chaos, as we hit peak oil, assuming that you can get your food from far away and use fossil-fuel-intensive systems to produce food is totally not sustainable. Bringing food security close to home will have to be the project of the future.”

Indian environmental activist Vandana Shiva on how economic salvation may be as close as the dirt under our feet.

We got some April showers last night!  What a blessings!  There’s still a chance of more rain later today and we are praying the rain down.

Planting, planting and more planting.  It’s that time again to get all the crops sown and into the ground.

Of course our goats want to get in on the action (fun) too!   Fairlight, curious as always,  wants to know what Justin is doing will all those soil blocks in the greenhouse.  To the right of the photo a few homemade self watering containers using ollas and in the blue bucket the nettle tea is brewing or more like fermenting in its own juices.

A bed of Provider beans are looking good – filling out the bed very nicely.

The green crops are lush not to mention FULL of what every gardener loves to see LADYBUGS!  In the photo is bed of nutritious kale that we are growing in the front yard.

Here’s a handful of celery harvested to make a special vegetarian lasagna dish (note the “gardeners bandage” – good ol’ duct tape)

Soil blocks of lemon cucumber are ready to transplant from greenhouse into the ground.

Soil blocks of squash are ready to go into the ground too.

Another round of squash will be planted in soil blocks today – yellow crookneck, black beauty, baby blue hubbard, burgess buttercup and musque de provence pumpkin along with a winter squash seed given to us by a Freedom Gardener or “farmer” I should say.

Our family is really feeling empowered this year with our Freedom Garden which is nearing 4000 members btw — WOW!   Not only are we continuing to grow closer to home but the seeds we are sowing are free of any corporate controls but what really is wonderful to see not only the cultivation of hundreds of backyard, patio and front yard gardens but the growing community full of wonderful, helpful folks.   If you haven’t already signed up to this growing social network, it’s free so what are you waiting for!  Let’s get growing….

Inch by inch row by row freedom grows!

BTW don’t forget to check out the FREEDOM GARDENER OF THE MONTH! Featuring a family who is passionate about growing, preserving and caring for all creatures great and small.

With the spring Holy season upon us, wishing everyone a blessed, bountiful and productive year.


  1. Cena says:

    Well, I just spent the last 2 months reading your blog from beginning to the present, in all my spare time. Thank you so very much for creating and keeping alive your chronicle of farming. I feel so blessed to have the encouragement to not only do this at our home, but the reminders to keep it simple. We have since the beginning of this year acquired chickens and goats. I am feeding/building/growing my soil. And I’ve wintersown seeds and am direct sowing others. I refuse to be frustrated by our soil, I will just keep feeding it. We live in Northern California with no snow, just some frost mainly in Jan/Feb, so we can grow many things year round. I’m going to stop the intensive research/reading for now and just DO. My goal is to do at least 1 small thing to improve my soil everyday. And I want to plant at least one thing (even 1 seed) everyday. Thank you again for your inspiration. And kudos for your fast customer service with Peddlers Wagon and Freedom seeds.
    With love to your family.

  2. anita says:

    Morning Anais,
    Beautiful photography as always tempting us to move away from our computers and out to the garden. I’ve got garlic to plant (monaro purple), broad beans (crimson flowered), spinach (bloomsdale) and way to many varieties of lettuce to sow (seduced by seed catalogues again!!). Although we’re in different hemispheres the urge to garden doesn’t wane as each season holds its own special magic and Autumn is my favourite.
    Blessing to you and your family during the Holy season.

  3. Renee says:

    We also use soil blocks…they have been working great! I wish we could see an over head view of your garden.

    I just can’t figure out where you garden and where you keep your animals..Thanks!

    Happy Gardening,


  4. Betsy Bargain says:

    I’m so inspired by your blog! It is wonderful what you have acheived in an urban setting. I grow some of my own vegetables, and I used to keep chickens (can’t where I am now), but nothing like what you are doing. Keep it up, and keep spreading the word!

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