Victory Garden-100 Foot Diet Highlights

Well, didn’t get around to posting like I planned on Sunday since we had some unexpected guest for dinner and were busy with a few other things — like the new site!

Without further adieu, here’s a wrap up of the recent homegrown revolutionaries postings:

Red Green State whips up a homegrown dish with homegrown overwintered veggies and weeds (no that kind!) the nutritious kind which they made into a delicious meal (even the rabbits gone in on it)

Agrarian Journey talks about the passion vs the purist of being a locavore. Eggs – it’s what’s for dinner at this family’s house. While homegrown supplies are dwindling from last years garden, they are already planting and preparing this year’s garden. Looking forward to seeing how their garden shapes up.

Beautiful Each Day has kicked off their homegrown challenge with two meals. And guess what? Eggs is what’s for dinner! The incredible, edible eggs do come in pretty handy when garden crops are sparse. One can make a tasty omelets with a few homegrown greens like this family.

Belinda’s Place is on a roll. She’s been whipping up tasty homegrown dishes for 6 weeks now! Of course, I have to mentions she’s in the Souther Hemisphere and this week she did a bit of fridge cleaning and this tasty meal was the end result. Hmmmm, perhaps if I do a bit of fridge cleaning myself.

The Purloined Letter shares a Sabbath, Earth Hour evening dinner with homegrown and local ingredients eaten together by candlelight. She shows how one family can enjoy a truly low impact dinner experience. Kudos!

:: New Participants to the Growing Clan ::

Inder Loves Folk Art shares with us their first 100 foot meal complete with homegrown kale and meyer lemons from their garden. She also asks “Can anyone suggest any recipes for Kale, Swiss Chard, and Meyers Lemons? Because that’s what I have right now.

Pull out your recipe boxes and let’s help her out!

Anne’s week #2 meal sound like one of our meals here on the urban homestead and a tasty one it is too!

Pizza with homemade whole wheat crust, sauce made with homegrown (canned) tomatoes, homegrown (frozen) green peppers, and homegrown (dried) basil, and locally raised/produced organic cheese.

:: Challenge Seedlings ::

Living Inspired 365

& Carcs is growing his freedom garden with an incredible assortment of veggies and herbs on ~60 sq ft.

Welcome all new participants, it’s great to see the challenge growing. Could we top 150 by month’s end? Let’s get growing!

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  1. Simply.Belinda says:

    The new site is certainly looking good at this point.

    Great to see those NH gardens starting to wake up for the season.

    Kind Regards

  2. Anais says:

    Hello Belinda

    Thanks for the positive comments! Jordanne’s been working hard to get this site growing! We’ll hope and fellow gardeners will join the Freedom Gardener’s Coalition.

    Stay tuned for site launch…. three, two…. one!


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