{Written on Friday but didn’t get around to posting it}

I’ve pretty much finished the posting blitz with over a dozen entries in 2 days!  What a doosey!  Catching my breath now.

Hope you enjoyed playing catch up with me.

This weekend we’ll be Out & About.

Saturday (April 25) come down and see us at GREENING THE EARTH DAY Pasadena (10 am – 4 pm) in Memorial Park.  Event is family friendly and FREE.

Sunday (April 26) , Jules Dervaes will be giving a URBAN HOMESTEADING presentation at Claremont Earth Day Festival starting at 12:45 noon.

Sunday (April 26th) we’ll be hosting another FILM & FOOD NIGHT starting at 5:30 PM

Help Us, Help You, Help Others

We are certainly aware of the drastic economic downturn that is affecting both individuals, families and even organizations are in dire situations.

Funny thing is now we need your support more than ever since this site is growing as people search for a more meaningful and purposeful life.

So here’s six easy ways you can help us continue to bring you sites like LHITC, Freedom Gardens and more!

1.  purchase a Homegrown Revolution t shirt

2. purchase a Homegrown Revolution DVD (clips seen on Oprah)  Share with family, friends or in your community. Tip: post HGR video on you blog or social network page

3. purchase goods from our online store like composters, solar ovens and garden goods for your urban homestead

4. grow for food and seed sovereignty purchase safe & secure seeds

5. simply donate

6. spread the word (doesn’t cost you a dime)

Have a great weekend everyone.

See you right back here on Monday with more….


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