(January 2008) PASADENA, CA – As localization becomes increasingly popular due to the continued rise in gas prices and with the cost of living skyrocketing in the southland, Reginald Miller shows us one mans way of saving money by bringing back an alternate method of putting food on the table the old fashioned way

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  1. P~ says:

    I always love watching the videos that you make available!
    The word is spreading Anais, and you guys have been such an inspiration to us all. I am currently talking with some people in at the city government office of my town, (now that my lobbying to allow urban chickens seems poised to pass.) to offer myself up to teach some basic classes on growing food gardens, FREEDOM GARDENS, to anyone interested in them. I want to begin building a local network of others that are interested in producing their own food. The need is there, and the current food crisis is motivating people to look into it further.
    Thank you so much for your encouragement to all of us. I will keep you informed of developments as they come about if your at all interested.

  2. anajz says:

    I just cannot seem to ever get enough of your videos, photos, or posts. I find myself checking in here several times a day to see what new you have posted. Thank you so very much!

  3. Anais says:

    P~- That’s excellent news. Way to go. The tide is certianly turning. Press on. Hopefully the new website will help you connect with fellow growers in your area.

    Anajz: Thanks for the positive compliments. We do hope to do more … more video, etc. Stay tuned.

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