Greywater pond, reed bed

Q. Have you ever heard of filtering greywater through a DIY Backyard Wetland? I recently read a zine by The Guerilla Greywater Girls called A Guide To Water, and it has a bunch of DIY greywater things anyone can do. One of the things that they have is a “Greywater Wetland Filter.” It has a surge tank, then a sand filter, then it goes into a tub filled with gravel that has wetland plants growing in it. I was just wondering if you had any tips on this topic.

A.  Yes. In fact, it’s called a “greywater reed bed.”  We started building something similar in our backyard but have had to stop the project while we work on tearing off our old asphalt shingles off our house so that we can put a environmentally friendly metal roof on.  With the metal roof, we will then be able to collect and harvest rain water.

OK back to your grey water question:

I would recommend you visiting this site  where I will think you’ll find some very helpful information.

We have an outdoor shower where the “greywater” seeps into the surrounding soil and waters the edible plants.  We also funnel the wash water and allow it to percolate into the mulched soil – very low tech solutions.

Like I said, we are working on being able to take our bath water and sink water from inside the house and build some sort of greywater pond that will filter the water —  but that’s on hold at the moment.

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  1. Robin says:

    Hey I have built a greywater wetland this year and have just now extended it as I had too much water going in, so far it is great, the water at the end of my system goes in to a sump and I have a pump on a float switch which pumps water and drips out on to garden. It works fantastic my garden in last month of summer and Autum took off, spring 2 weeks away and looking forward to results

  2. gregg and james says:

    i love your site, i don’t see a section to sign up for updates. i go to monrovia all the time, but haven’t heard of your place before. Next time i go down there i would like to stop by. we are in the process of purchasing a 20 acre lot out by tehachapi, and would like to be relatively self sufficient, i have been looking at solar, grey water reclamation, and other saving aspects. It looks like i will just have to stop in to see how you all manage to produce so much in such a small area. I know i either saw an article printed or a news spot on what you have accomplished. Awesome accomplishment. you all are an inspiration.


    Gregg and James

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