Salad days

Q&A – Salad mix contents
Any chance you could share what goes in to your salad mix (for those of us who’re /way/ too far away to stand a chance of tasting it)? – Mike

Thanks for pointing that out Mike. The salad mix changes with the season and can vary week to week depending on what we have growing at the time or how much we pick (there’s no set proportion).    Personally, I think it’s the condition of the soil that gives the the greens such an intense flavor. Of course, it being picked fresh each morning and “organic” do contribute to the incredible taste, but there’s something else that blows everyone away when they have a bite.

At any give time the salad can contain any or all of:

Lettuce – assorted varieties

Mustard – green, red, purple

Kale – green, red



Miner’s Lettuce



Basil – sweet, purple

Nasturtium Leaves


Salad Burnet

Arugula – assorted varieties



Swiss Chard

Carrot Tops


Italian Dandelion

Spinach – assorted varieties



Orach – red


Asian Greens – assorted varieties

(This is off the top of my head, so I hope I listed all the greens!)


We expected Wednesday or Thursday to receive fertile chicken eggs except we receive a call on Monday informing us our chicken egg order has been postponed till April. They told us that the chickens just aren’t laying. OK, fine. So that means we find another hatchery. NOTE: Not to worry!  For those of you who areplacing baby chick or pullet orders this news doesn’t affect you. We just wanted to hatch a few eggs for an educational experience and are still placing a baby chick order the second week in March.


We received 1/2″ of rain on Sunday night and there’s another chance of rain on Thursday. What a blessing! The garden has perked up and grown before our very eyes. Nothing beats rain from heaven.

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