After a week where summer and spring wrestled with each other over weather dominance, this weekend is turning out to be just spectacular.  Happy to say we are back to our regularly schedule weather pattern…. for now.

On Saturday PTF and FG both had a table at Pasadena’s Greening the Earth Day in Memorial Park.  After a dreary couple days the day turned about to be just beautiful – perfect in fact.

Loads of people turned out to enjoy a lovely day in the park with music and activities for people of all ages – from how to build a rainbarrel to making art with natural materials.  It was great to ALL the familiar faces who stopped by to say hi and even hang out a bit.

A huge thank you to Sherilyn who came out and volunteered at the Freedom Gardens table – you were just awesome!

Actually I can’t believe we’ve been tabling at local Earth Day’s since 2003!   Time flies.

Very lovely Freedom Gardens table

The apron brigade strikes again

Kid love gardening!

Another shot of the FG table

Path to Freedom’s urban homestead table

FG & PTF table side by side

Justin hangs out with one of the city officials (once again kudos to you and all those in the city who put on another great event!)

Farmer D talks about using ollas in the garden.  Speaking of ollas – someone (hopefully accidentally) took one of our display folders that had all our “Water & Waste” material in it.  I was stuck having to describe stuff without my helpful picture guides…. bummer.

First time this has happened in our six years of tabling that we’ve had something taken like that.

Oh well can’t cry over spilled milk,  just more work for me to see if I can’t resconstruct what was lost.


  1. Susan Smith says:

    Hi: Even with all 4 of you working hard I don’t know how you manage all you do. What type of squash is that on the Freedom table and how ever do you manage to cook it? Thanks, Susan

  2. Roger says:

    I really like the “My other supermarket” sign . . . are these available somewhere (it looks like a campaign sign — I love it!)

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