PTF’s online store, aptly named thePeddler’s Wagon, which features practical goods and gear for the urban homestead/pioneer is highlighted on TREEHUGGER’s GIFT GUIDE selling thebike blender kit.   Don’t forget,  we also do sell quite a few other products that TreeHugger featured.

Products from the Urban Homestead

We know some of our readers have been saving up for a whole year to purchase an eco gift(s) from our online store. We thank you for choosing PTF’s online store. The Peddler’s Wagon is not just an ordinary online store. Instead, what’s unique about the online store is we feature items that we actually use (even daily) here on the urban homestead.  Better yet whatever profit is made goes toward supporting seeding the worldwide outreach of PTF.   Last, but not least, 10% we give back in support of people & planet

So, to kick off the gift giving season, we are going to be featuring and writing about some of our favorite products. And if you readers have purchased the products we’ve highlighted, then please add your comments.

Giddy up! The online eco Peddler is coming with a wagon full of green goods for all you urban homesteaders/pioneers.

S.S. Kitchen Composter
From the Urban Homestead’s Kitchen
The one thing about growing your own food, instead of plastic wrap and cardboard packaging, you have ends of peppers, tops of radishes, innards of winter squash (if you don’t have time to roast the seeds or have saved enough). Instead of having to walk out to one of the many composters we have scattered throughout the urban homestead, this heavy duty, 1 gal kitchen composter does the trick. We like that it’s metal, easy to clean out and, best of all, if you get lazy (more like distracted) or it’s about 100 degrees and humid and those egg shells and rotten tomatoes are left to fester in the pail, there’s no smell, thanks to charcoal filters. No smell leaves a pleasant kitchen to work in (especially on those hot summer days – we choose to live without AC) and no little pesky gnats hovering in the air. The decent 1 gallon size is big enough to handle our homegrown harvest loads and yet   small enough to fit on a counter and easy to carry.

We urban homesteaders don’t go in for kitchen gadgets but this kitchen composter really does complement our unplugged, gadget-less kitchen setup.

:: BUY :: Stainless Steel Kitchen Composter
Next urban homesteader review: sun ovens….

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  1. Mia says:

    I love that you are doing these reviews. There are a number of things that I would love to purchase. Hopefully this will help me make my choices. If I bought everything I wanted it would break the bank. Okay, it would bounce……