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I love the Sport Solar oven.Have tried a number of the vegetarian dishes from the recipe book that came along with oven!
~ J.A., Los Angeles

…stainless steel little two-compartment lunch boxes. I got mine this week, and am loving it.
~ Jill –

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It’s his nature [St Pete Times]

‘LIVE OAK — ‘Dennis Stoltzfoos once told another farmer he planned to spray his own pasture with molasses.”He said, ‘You don’t want to do that. You’ll have loads of grasshoppers.’ I’m thinking: Grasshoppers! Yeah! That’s more food for my chickens!” Stoltzfoos said, pumping his fist.”We just think so differently here.”Call him a radical, even, because using blackstrap molasses as fertilizer and a feared pest as feed are just the beginning of his unusual ideas.
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  1. Jill says:

    I love my to-go box! I had rice and curry in it today. It’s so pleasurable to carry around and to use.

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