PTF outreach table – chock full of information!

Under the towering pines the green fair kicks off

Chatting about the urban homestead.  Jordanne and I met the lovely Gallup Family (see blog post about the event for even more photos)

“We weren’t sure if the Dervaes family would actually be there, but they were, all of them, and Craig and I got to talk to each of them! We were delighted to find out that they are gracious, friendly and very down-to-earth! I especially enjoyed talking to Jordanne for quite a while. We got to see a screening of their latest film which was wonderful. It makes me want to live just like them!! I want to live off of my own garden. And Craig and I are trying to figure out where we can have a chicken coop!? The thought is so exciting! I’m getting very excited to plant our spring garden. Thanks, Dervaes, for the inspiration”

Susan & Craig, pleasure meeting you both and your lovely daughters also.

Farmer D answers question after showing Homegrown Revolution

Bag lady shows how many plastic bags (500) one person uses in one year.  Go cloth!

We had an enjoyable time at the Neighborhood Church Green Fair.  Friends and about 50 folks from our mailing list dropped by (could have been more).  Thanks for coming out and supporting PTF and this community event.  It was a lovely day and we got to sit down and chat with many of you who came by. I was so busy chatting with everyone that I did not  take that many photos

Before leaving that morning Justin was checking the email and called me over saying that someone from India wanted to stop by and meet us.  Turns out that it she had contacted us oh about 5 years ago. She was at the time living in India encouraging people to live a more sustainable life.   Their organization was so inspired by our site that they have referred people to PTF in several of our publications and they even have a quote from Farmer D up on our wall in their office in Udaipur, India.  Wow.

I immediately called her and told her we’d be tabling the fair and to come on down.   It was a treat to finally meet her and hopefully we’ll continue the connection with her and her organization there in India.   Of course we discuss many things but one thing that I did tell her that it would be awesome if we could get some FG er in India.  From her email this evening looks like they may do a couple articles for their publication on FG and on PTF!   I’m excited about reaching out to folks in another country.

Even better would be to visit India… one can dream!

This event kicks off the PTF tabling outreach for the year and we’ll keep you posted on where we’ll be this year.

This week we are kicking (sheesh lots of kicking huh) off another challenge stay tuned for the exciting details.

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