Green Is Universal

With the globe covered in green moss for this special occasion, Saturday’s Eco Fair wrapped up a green week on NBC. Path to Freedom was one of over 30 vendors boothing around the famous globe on an absolutely gorgeous fall day.

Decked in our homemade aprons (thanks Clare), homegrown revolution t shirts and straw hats, the PTF booth drew a steady crowd throughout the afternoon. The local KNBC and partner Spanish sister station Telemundo dropped by the PTF booth and a few clips did make it on local news that evening.   We brought along our urban homestead booth which documents the steps we have taken to live a low impact, self sufficient life, live (yes, real live) chickens (our Belgian banties Lucy and Estella), solar ovens, sports utility bike, toilet lid sink, bike blender, ollas and a few other green goods from the Pedder’s Wagon

The sun ovens were cooking pizza and chocolate chip cookies and bike blender wasblending natural smoothies. Both were very popular with folks of all ages.   Even the toilet lid sink drew lots of interested folks. Jules and Justin whipped it up in less than a day, but we actually brought a working toilet which people could flush and watch the sink in action – kids loved it!

Thanks to volunteers: Guy, Kelly & Janice who generously gave of their time to help out. The PTF volunteers did a great job answering everyone’s questions.    And answering question was what we did for 6 hours straight, there were a few short lived lulls. Of course, that wouldn’t have been bad but we had to talk over right the world famous KROQ and other musical performers who were right next to our booth.   Glad Justin brought along some homemade swedish bitters because towards the end of the day we each had to take a couple swigs to prevent our throats becoming sore.

Of course, you can buy all these eco goods from PTF very ownonline store. Your support or donation will help continue PTF’s outreach efforts.

Also thanks to all those PTF readers who came by and took time to say “hi!”