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Path to Freedom has been awarded Four Leaves in the 1st edition ofGreenopia, the urban dwellers guide to green living.
Greenopia offers consumers the unique combination of useful printed guidebook – similar to Zagat’s Restaurant Guide – and a vibrant, interactive online community.
Greenopia Four Leaves Award recognizes Path to Freedom for being in the top 10% of green business in LA.

Our family is thrilled & honored that our local produce business is a recipient of this award.

Urban Homestead Happenings

There are so many things one could write postings about with daily life here on the urban ¬†homestead. There are stories about the animals, struggle with living sustainably, joys and setbacks in gardening (and what have you), cooking from the garden, eating with the seasons, using appropriate technologies, learning new skills and crafts and much, much more. It’s hard to pick when there are so many to choose from. I could spend hours writing about it and sharing it with you all, but the life on the homestead beckons.

Colorful squares

Two rows “done,” three more to go!

The granny squares are finally emerging from piles of squares into a semblance of an afghan. I’m not one into bright pastel colors, but I think the color combination is somewhat hippy-ish so I am happy with that. ¬† I still have a ways to go to put a dent into the yarn pile and my list of projects just keeps getting larger as I think of projects to use up the yarn. I have a few other knitting projects going on – stripping socks, cotton tank for summer, hat, and cabled cardigan. Jordanne also has a few projects in the works: a crochet granny square skirt, cardigan and a knitted hooded sweater.

Though tempted to get even more yarns with all the new yarn catalogs coming in, we have restrained ourselves, telling ourselves that we have to finish projects and deal with the yarn stash on hand. This persuasion has seem to be working so far.

This afternoon Jordanne & I, along with two girl friends, will be going to visit a local goat farm. Should be a fun Sunday outing. Luckily the rain chance will be later on in the evening as another storm approaches. Yep, there’s more rain this week!

There’s a load of wonderful smelling pine tree clippings in our driveway today delivered by a friend who’s in the tree service business. This morning we’ll be shoveling it in buckets and bringing it into the backyard for much needed mulching of the garden’s paths and driveway. After the heavy rains we’ve had, the mulch has pretty much disintegrated, so a fresh top coat is greatly needed.

The garden has certainly had a drastic growth spurt thanks to the rains last week. Lots of wonderful colors and textures to be had throughout the garden.

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  1. Wildside says:

    Congratulations on your award!

    (And as always, your garden photography is just breathtaking!!!)

  2. claire says:

    congratulations! your garden pictures are great, so much stuff growing, I am quite jealous!!

  3. Anais says:

    Thanks for the congrats! We were shocked to receive such an honor – this award makes us even more committed to become even GREENER.


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