Me want beans!

There’s green beans in the garden (and clean clothes on the line!)

Summer is here and so are scrumptious vegetables that we’ve eagerly anticipated for nearly 1/2 a year.   After so long, isn’t it just a blessings to sit down and devour a heaping plate of green beans slather in butter.   MMMMM

Ms Fairlight, our Nigerian dwarf goat, wants in on the green bean action.  Now, here’s the funny thing: with our goats (especially Ms Diva here) she could care less about beans, or any other food for that matter, unless humans put it into a container – then that means food and she, like Cookie Monster, says “me wants it!”

We have a busy weekend ahead!

Hope to see ya’ll at Encinitas Environmental Day on Sunday!


  1. Jamie @ Woodside Gardens says:

    I’m so jealous! My green beans just finally poked their little heads out of the ground!

  2. Thy Hand says:

    That’s how our chickens respond to us as well. They even come running when I’m carrying out the basket of wet laundry:-). You’re green beans look wonderful. We’re still enjoying peas (English and sugar snap). It’s been a long time….

  3. Michelle (GardeningMichelle) says:

    Aww we love green beans! Especially the dog! HA HA. Mine haven’t yet poked out of the ground, but I was late getting them in too. Hopefully soon!

  4. Janice says:

    I got mine in late too, so they are finally about 3 ft tall. Can’t wait for them! Yours look yummy! We like to dip them in a mayo/soy sauce mixture.

  5. suzanne says:

    I love green beans too–as does the rest of the family! We always have a crop growing during our frost-free months. With salt, homegrown garlic and onion….!

  6. Deanna says:

    Lovely green beans! We just love those West Ladies, by the way!

    Our beans are just coming up nicely, and we are trying purple podded pole beans this year as well!

  7. kitsapFG says:

    I love fresh picked green beans and am waiting (impatiently) for our 2010 crop to come to harvest stage. Won’t be too much longer now but in the meantime we are still largely in the “greens” stage of the late spring garden. I just reseeded my pole beans yesterday as they have been being eaten as fast as they germinate by something. All of the other bean crops (bush beans, dried beans, and runner beans) are all doing splendidly but the pole beans have a pest problem. Hopefully the second sowing will make it to the finish line.

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