Green beans in November? What a treat!

and Sweet Peppers too!

The weather’s turned chilly and the fall winds blow so out have come the hoops and row covers to protect the young greens and brassicas.

What summer hold outs do you have in your garden?

On another personal note….

Our family would like to thank all those who took time to share their sympathy over the loss our “Darling Clementine.” It was nice to read that she was the first chicken many of you ever met and petted – thanks for sharing those memories with us.

Life goes on, another chapter with pages to fill and so we look forward with good memories in our hearts.  Now, who’s gonna replace Clem as the poster chick for the urban homestead?

Perhaps we should hold a chicken tryouts?  Just kidding!


  1. Linda says:

    Enjoy those green beans! They are gorgeous. I still have a bush full of eggplant and some lingering tomatoes. I took out the okra and peppers last weekend finally, and had the last of those. Right now, I have dried beans left on my green bean trellis, as they hang out until I have a chance to take them down. I’m just excited that we had our first-of-the-season fresh lettuce salad last weekend! My goal for next year is to figure out ways to help lengthen the time I can easily grow fresh lettuce – it’s hard in our climate. Happy gardening everybody!

  2. Kristina says:

    I have to say I’m a bit jealous of your green beans – mine are gone. But, I do still have tomatoes, cukes and eggplant which I’m very happy about 🙂

  3. Vegetable Garden Cook says:

    Unfortunately the season for hot weather stuff sucked here (Pacific NW). Looking forward to next year!

  4. Chris says:

    I have the gorgeous 2011 Homestead Calendar with Miss Clementine featured in such a beautiful photograph. I must confess that one of those “baby ducks” might be a contender to rule the roost! Forgive me if my poultry lingo is “off base”. I’m uneducated in these matters except what you have exposed me to. I remember Sweet Amy’s passing and now Miss Clementine. Things may get very interesting with the dynamics of the chickens and the ducks “sharing caregivers” in the next few months 🙂 Time will tell. All of your other feathered friends are so blessed to be living in your Urban Homestead under your watchful and loving care. Please keep us posted with all of the “goings on”.

  5. Chris says:

    PS .. Up here in rainy and cold Cape Cod, my greens are still flourishing: swiss chard, kale, collards, some carrots. That’s about it, but I’m experimenting with Path to Freedom Seeds for lettuce, etc. in my first cold frame as well as starting some OG Indoor Gardening with my Rodale Indoor Gardening Book as my guide.

  6. Sandy says:

    That is great. We still have sweet and hot peppers but alas the tomatoes and green beans are long gone.

  7. Dan Langhoff says:

    We still have green beans, bell peppers, hot peppers and fall tomatoes going strong!

  8. elaine says:

    There are a few Hungarian wax peppers left, one lone zuccinni, basil, parsely, and oregano still in the garden. Lettuce, kale, and collards are planted for cool weather.

  9. Teralee says:

    My boyfriend and I just pulled the last few beautiful cobs of corn out of the garden. The best ones yet!!!

  10. Janice says:

    We just harvested the last cucumber today, dug up some yams from the front garden too! We have some really late pumpkin gambling the weather as well. We still have a bush bean producing, but we’re letting it go to seed for next season’s stock. Transplanted the cabbages this morning, and we’re going to be starting more carrots and celery seeds. We’re starting a batch of daikon soon, and our napa cabbages are almost ready to transplant. Our Satsuma Mandarins are starting to come in along with the White Guavas. The Navel Oranges are starting to turn color and our first Meyer Lemons are nice and yellow.

  11. Stacy says:

    Unfortunately, we have nothing left from the garden patch from summer (Upstate NY). It would be interesting to know the location of the posters when they share what they have or have not.

    We had to move, leave a nice garden and then we took over the garden when we got here. Didn’t get to do our own planning this year. Our weather is so cold up here that I need to find out what to plant late. Any other New Yorkers or New Englanders that can give some ideas?

  12. Janice ENgelberth says:

    Yesterday, I took down the tarps that were over the tomatoes in the garden. I had them growing up the fence (tied up with strips of cloth) on the perimeter. Actually the lower vines that were not cover by the tarps froze. There are still tomatoes ripening though, but I did pick off a lot of tomatoes that were frozen. I didn’t realize that tomatoes had so much sugar in them, but the frozen ones were wet and sticky on the tops. We had one night when the temperature got down in the 20’s, but some still survived.
    I live in Indiana, about 40 miles from the Michigan line.
    I also have lots of tomatoes ripening on the kitchen counter and the back porch. To make them taste good, they must ripen in a warm place.
    This is definitely the latest that we have had tomatoes coming from the garden. It is 70 degrees today here.

  13. Adam McLane says:

    Down in San Diego, we have eggplant and jalapenos holding over and still blossoming! And I just noticed our cucumbers are coming back.

  14. Jogesh Yogi says:

    Despite the Michigan cold, swiss chards and chives are still kicking.

  15. bobbi c. says:

    We still have some green beans, too, here outside Austin, TX. So far we haven’t had any frosts or freezes. I planted a fall garden of greens (mustard, collards, turnip) and those are coming along nicely, too.

    Keep up the good work; your website and blog has been a huge inspiration over the years!

    happy trails from Texas!

    bobbi c.

  16. melissa says:

    I had green beans until last weekend in South Carolina until I took them all down to make room in the bed to put out some strawberry plants for next year. I think they would have kept producing too for another few weeks. Still have a few peppers and chiles!

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