The weather has turn overcast once again and there’s a chance of showers this weekend.  

On Sunday (which was a glorious spring day) we were joking with some City officials whether it was going to rain again for Pasadena’s ‘Greening the Earth Day’ this Saturday.
Seems like every event the City has put on for the past couple years has been rained on. So for a modern rain dance of sorts -either wash your car, water you garden,  or have Pasadena schedule an event and it will be sure to rain!  😉

The Mexicola Avocado is covered with tiny with hundreds of tiny lil ‘cado’s — a few, though, are falling off the tree, but hopefully many will set and mature.

The tropical blackberry is once again loaded with hundreds of little blackberries. So many wonderful blessings from the earth!Justin has been potting up the heirloom tomatoes into the self watering tubs and it’s a great feeling not having to buy any more soil these past two years.

Taking care of the existing soil and with intensive mulching and composting we have more than enough soil for our needs. One part of the yard is a foot higher and keeps getting higher by inches every day – thanks to work of the chickens, ducks and rabbits.
They are definitely a valuable asset to this homestead as our little composters.   The animals turn green waste in compost faster (and cheaper!) than any composter on the market.  Also, the soil in the animal’s enclosure is so alive with micro organism that we oftentimes just stack green waste in a pile and it decomposes in a matter of days.  We call it “lazy” composting  – don’t have to turn, layer and do all sorts of fancy rigmaroles, nature does a good job herself.