Peddler’s Wagon Re Launch

While I’ve been categorizing seven years worth of journal postings….


While Project #3 ( – still waiting to hear back from a reader who offered to help with coding) and Project #5, #6, #7 and #8 are still in the works (thanks M for helping out!), we are thrilled to announce completion of …..

Peddler’s Wagon Upgrade

Oh my, it’s been more than a year already since we launched PTF’s online store. This year has gone by in a blink. Makes me dizzy just to think about it.

Ready for another surprise? Are you? There’s some developing news to report. PTF is uprooting and leaving town? One of the urban homestead gals has run off with a farm boy? No, not as earthshaking as that, although secretly we might wish it were so.

In fact, it’s the Peddler’s Wagon that’s moving, and it’s hitched to a green host server.
PW has a new domain/home Of will eventually (we haven’t pulled the old site down just yet) direct you to the new site. We are excited about this because, well, we just are. Also the new PW store is hosted with a sustainable hosting company. PW is committed to being a green company – read all about our sustainable and conservation practices.

We also thought it would help increase business if we upgraded PTF’s online store’s shopping cart software (SSL approved) and site features, which include a wish list, gift lists, and login accounts. Just like you would find on any online store these days. It took longer than expected as we started back in August to re-launch the store last fall, but that timeframe didn’t turn out like we had planned.

Justin is thrilled because he won’t have to manually enter credit card numbers and, instead, spend his time in his favorite place – the garden – and he better get cracking if he wants to harvest 10k pounds. Jordanne and I are thrilled because it means we can get back to working on the PTF site and teasing you with all sorts of juicy hints. And Jules, he’s glad that we are moving forward because he has a lot of ideas and new projects, challenges, that are waiting in the wings for the backlog to clear out; however, if the PTF new site(s) are anything like the PW, well, it’s going to be a few months before they are launched…. so sit tight!

Even though the new store is operational and ready to securely take online orders, we still have lots of tweaking to do and a few pages to write up, in addition to a product blog to incorporate to allow customers to post entries and pics about products purchased and better yet receive a $5 coupon!

Besides the new “bells and whistles” the shopping cart has to offer, there are over a dozen new items listed on the Peddler’s Wagon

Beecuticals Hive Five Kit (giving bees a chance)Botanie 100% Natural Soap Making KitVortex Handcranked Blender (tried and tested here at the urban homestead’s unplugged kitchen)Top Bar Bee Hive (new this year on the urban homestead)Reusable Shopping Bag Sets (tried and tested here at the urban homestead)and a few more items scattered throughout Kitchen wares Hand cranked Coffee Grinder (tried and tested here at the urban homestead’s unplugged kitchen)Hand cranked Popcorn Maker (tried and tested here at the urban homestead’s unplugged kitchen)Butter Keeper (tried and tested here at the urban homestead’s unplugged kitchen)Ceramic Compost KeeperPlastic Bag DryerProduce Bags

those products and more — we’ll soon be adding more urban homestead helpers, so stay tuned.

Tell you friends and family there is a new, improved Eco Peddler in town and you can kept his wagon going and wheels rollin.

Since PTF remains strong in its commitment to be ad free, please support our site and growing efforts. Thank you.

Earth Tithe – for people and planet

“We’re not in this just for ourselves. We have an obligation to pass along what we’ve learned about sustainable living and to make sure others have an opportunity even to live.” – Jules Dervaes, Peddler’s Wagon proprietor

As always, all the profits we receive through online purchases go towards maintaining the PTF site and outreach. Better yet, 10% of that goes go towards supporting organizations who are trying to make the world a better place.

We hope you enjoy browsing our new, improved store. Thank you for considering the eco Peddler’s Wagon as your urban homestead’s supplier of green goods. Those of us at PTF truly appreciate your business and support.

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  1. craig in indiana says:

    Hey there Everyone!,
    Hey, I know that you’re swamped right now..but I thought of something over the weekend that may help some of the “apartment” homesteaders on the 100 ft. diet. Where would sprouts fit into “local”. Of course, buying seeds at the healthfood store wouldn’t be local, but just like in the garden, you would have to “grow” your own sprouts. Just a thought. You don’t have to post this..I just got to thinkin’.
    Congrats on the latest upgrade!!

  2. Melissa in Pasadena says:

    Congrats on the updated online store! I just made my first purchase from your great selection. one thing i purchased was the “laptop lunchbox” for my son. I was encouraged to buy this after seeing the following flickr set showing literally hundreds of fun and healthy lunch ideas with this product posted by moms all over the web.
    Another useful purchase was the attractive To-go ware stainless steel food carrier to avoid the wasteful use of plastic disposables for restaurant leftovers.

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