Surrounded by a plethora of female animals, the urban homestead’s residence goats and chickens “go hormonal” now and again. Thankfully the Khaki Campbell ducks don’t exhibit too many crazed hormonal tendency – unlike chickens, the ducks don’t go “broody” which turns docile hens into wild eyed crazed frantic females. Yeah, what’s up with us females anyhow?

The goats on the other hand, though very gentle but hard headed at times, also have their monthly bouts with hormones which has similar symptoms to our womanly maladies – cranky, whining and downright b*itchy at times….

Here’s a pictorial of cranky goat tendencies:

Acting like a two year old kid, Fairlight decides she doesn’t want to share her food with Blackberry. The show down is on!

Going head to head, let the head butting begin!

You can’t mess with me! Blackberry holds her own against the bullying of Fairlight

Fairlight gains the advantage… Blackberry retreats… for now

Truce is called, Fairlight decides to share with Blackberry.

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  1. Val says:

    I am glad they worked it out. Too cute.

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