Blackberry checks to see if the stove needs more wood. Fairlight warms herself by the stove -ahhhhhh

House Goats

Given the chance, our two goats love to explore the house. When let out of their pen under supervision in the morning, they seem to have this sixth sense to know if the backdoor is left ajar and are immediately on on the scene to investigate and nudge the door open. Once inside the house, they prance around, heads swaying, eyes wide with a look of haughty curiosity mixed with apprehensive incredulity – knowing that anytime they may get scolded for getting into something they shouldn’t (any paper objects left laying are extremely tempting to goats). They seem to have this fascination with where their human owners live and, when they enter our domain, they look egocentrically pleased to have “finally invaded our territory.” Goats are very sociable creatures. Even though they can’t talk per se, you can read a lot by their eyes and paraphrase what they are thinking in human terms. Much of which is quite mischievous, cute and very humorous.

Part of one day’s harvest in summer

Tally Ho?

This year harvest totals have yet to be added up; however, we are slightly doubtful we’ll have reached our 6,000 lb norm due to the hard hitting freeze last January, which has really affected our high yielding citrus, guava and banana crops this winter. Of course, our monthly harvest took a hit last January when lots of the crops froze and it took weeks to recover. In 2007, not only did we have to contend with the coldest 6 days in the last 50 years, there was the roof and house construction that wreaked havoc on the planting grounds surrounding the house. Plant were dug up and temporarily put into pots and of course because of the transplant shock didn’t produce any fruit or anything worth harvesting. During the lead paint removal, most of the garden was covered in tarps. With all the commotion it messed up our planting routine and harvesting routine. All in all it was a very disruptive year. So it will be interesting to see the final tally of harvest for this year.

Stay tuned….


For all the great comments! So nice of you to take time to comment. Our family has enjoyed your input and positive feedback. Wishing you all a blessed, bountiful and healthful new year.

Grow the Future™

A little reminder that you can relieve your tax load in the coming year by making a timely donation to Path to Freedom (a project of Dervaes Institute 508(c)(1)(A) tax deductible ) to keep our work growing forward so more urbanities will be inspired to take matter in their own hands — being the change by living the solution.

PTF is unique in that we are actually living our cause. Showing how it’s done from the ground up – doing what we can, where we are, with what we have.

For those of you who are interested in where your money goes toward. Thanks to the generosity of our readers, this month Jordanne will be spending the donations to purchase a new photo card for the camera, mini dv’s for the video camera. These items help with documenting the progress made on the urban homestead. We need an extra photo card since Jordanne has asked me to take a photo every day of the yard (back and front) for a whole year so she can do a “365 time lapse.” Sounds cool doesn’t it? So I’ve scouted out two spots in the yard that I plan on visiting daily to snap a photo. Should come in handy if and when we ever make our own little film…. in time.

Thank you for your love and support. Stay tuned for more updates.

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  1. crystal says:

    Oh my gosh! The 365 time lapse sounds AWESOME!!!! I can hardly wait!!

  2. Lee says:

    Well don’t get too discouraged by the yearly totals, some years are just harder then others. You guys really did a lot of improvements this year too wow! It should make this year a little more peaceful by contrast at least!

    The time lapse will be super fun!

  3. Sherilyn says:

    I TOTALLY know what it’s like to have goats ‘invade’ the house! When we had our daughter’s last pigmy, Emma, she would try to ‘disguise’ herself among the dogs and run inside right along with the pack! She made it all the way upstaires once but PEE’D on my COUCH, so back DOWN she went ~ really so very sad we can’t house-train these friends, they’re so wonderful to have around!

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