Goats in the garden

Q. I’m simultaneously designing and living in my moving-toward-sustainable homestead, which has a long way to go.

My question is, on your site you say that you let the goats out in the afternoon… and maybe other animals, too.  That they enjoy the tender green treats that have been dropped on your mulched paths.

But how do you prevent the goats from eating the lovely growing greens that you plan to sell?  I realize that it’s wonderful to let the animals out, but I don’t want them eating everything in the beds.

As a result of viewing and reading about your website, I have redesigned/repositioned some of my future planting beds so that animals can wander between them.  But I don’t want to lose the “good stuff” to hungry and motivated little teeth, leaning over into my beds.

Thank you very much, Ann

A. The goats do enjoy wandering the garden, but they are always closely supervised when they are let out twice a day.  We have also trained the goats to respond to commands (they know at least 6 now), reinforced by a squirt of water from a spray bottle if they don’t “Leave it!”

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