Most weekends we take our goaties for a walk.  We normally walk the lower Arroyo Seco but, with the chance of showers on Sunday, we took them to the Rose Bowl Park, which is less than 5 minutes from our home.

We like to walk the trails on the hillside behind the Rose Bowl Aquatics center.   The scenery is lovely with the view of the majestic San Gabriel mountains, the lovely Holly St and historic Colorado Bridges.  Of course, you can’t help notice the massive concrete channel that diverts the mountain and road runoff into a tidy, yet ugly, “riverway” which scars the natural landscape.

Thanks to all the rains we have been having, the hillsides are growing a thick carpet of grass and soft tufts of moss are growing along the stone walls.

Pasadena is a photographers’ paradise.  I have to restrain myself from taking too many photos – there’s always beauty to be found in the landscape and architecture of this town.

Why do we walk our goats?  It’s an excuse for us to get out and enjoy nature while giving our curious goats something to look forward to.  Goats, like dogs or even horses, are intelligent creatures and like interaction with humans and stimulus from their surroundings.

We get to forage for food for our goats.  They love dried oak and sycamore leaves and there’s plenty of that in the Arroyo.  These leaves, or goat chips as we like to call them, save us money by supplementing their diet of garden greens, grains and straw.

And, most selfishly of all, it’s fun and relaxing too.


  1. Freakin says:

    Beautiful. When we raised goats our kids also had pack animals so we went walking and packing with them all the time. One of my best memories is my son picking huckleberries with his pack goat right there. He didn’t like picking berries but did try. We were there a while and I turned to look for them and saw him fast asleep under a tree with his goat in his lap!

  2. Shirley says:

    You remind me of an ancient shepherd boy named David who later became King of Israel. He loved the animals in his care and successfully fought off, at separate times, a lion and a bear to protect his sheep. He spent most of his time with them though observing and pondering the wonderful works of the Creator. David wrote some of the most beautiful poetry preserved to this day.

    My little boy, an 18 pound dog, also loves his walks. He is 12 years old now and has recently started asking for many walks each day. Although he has free access to the fenced in back yard it is being taken over by the garden. If at all possible I grant each of his requests. Hopefully those around me will show such respect for my wishes in old age as well.

    The pictures of your outings with your goaties are always refreshing.

  3. altadenahiker says:

    Ok, that goat photo w/rainbow & colo bridge — one of the best I’ve seen anywhere all year.

  4. Norma Ferris says:

    Thank you so much for the goat hike/Pasadena photos. So good to see my home town again. Left there 20 years ago for northern California and still feel a little homesick when I see pictures of your wonderful little place. We walk our goats, too. One mile up our gravel road and along a irrigation canal.
    I’ve been vegie gardening for 45 years and never want to quit. Your site is a true inspiration. Don’t you ever quit either!
    With much love and respect.

  5. girlgroupgirl says:

    I love to see photos of your goats and read about how well you are raising them. With your inspiration, I’ve realize that someday I would like to invite a few goats to join our family!

  6. Jan says:

    Great photos. Love all of them. That grass is so green I’m surprised the goats were not gobbling it up.

  7. garlicgoatgirl says:

    Hey, you don’t know goats! They are spying out there next jump for higher ground. Anyone for a game of king of the hill!? Besides, carrots are better than grass…anyday. ;o)

    My goats, some of them, like to go for walks too. Mine aren’t up to harnesses though!

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