Goats are social creatures.   When we bought our kids the owners knowing this made it a major stipulation that we could not just buy one goat from them.   By nature,  goats are herd animals and the owners concern and “before you buy” requirement confirmed that we bought our goats from the right place.

Our two goats while they often have spats do enjoy cuddling up once and awhile.

Thought I share these photos for our younger (and older, not wanting to exclude) readers this morning.

Now we get a lot of letters, email, from people.  But yesterday we received an extra special one from a 10 year old reader which made my/our day!

Greetings from snow covered PA

Dear Ms. Dervaes,
I am a 10 year old home schooler.  My family has enjoyed your web site
very much.  My little sisters like to look at your animals.  My mom
enjoys reading your menus and looking at what you’ve cooked.  We garden,
and our menus are planned around what we’ve grown also.  My dad teaches
college English, and he made his students look at your web site in his
environmental lit class.  We appreciate that your family shares your
experience on your web site.

Slyvia, your email was very special to us.  I printed it up and will look at often here on my desk.  We are so glad you and your family enjoy this site as much as we enjoy sharing with you.    Thank you so much for writing and keep in touch!

To know that we have young readers here at LHITC is really a humbling thought and makes me want to share even more. Believe me there’s not any lack of writing material here on the urban homestead.  It’s just having time to sit down and write about it.  No lack of photos either.  Too many in fact.

But when I get an email like this one makes me want to find time in my already busy schedule.  So thank you for reminding me/us why we do what we do.

How many young readers do we have hear.  Care to raise your hands and would you like to see more of here at LHITC?   I know, I know besides the cute animal photos.


  1. Alice says:

    I enjoy your site very much. I have had goats in times past. There is something lovable about them even though they are like children and get into mischief. They truly love their people as well as other goats. In the last bunch of goats I had one would ride the pony. The goat Snow would get up on the feeder and wait for the pony to come close to him. Snow would reach out with his front foot and paw at the pony’s back. The pony would move closer to get a back scratch and Snow would hop on. The pony did not seem to mind the rider. Thank you from this 60 year old kid for the pictures and stories about your pets.

  2. Darren (Green Change) says:

    What a great letter! It goes to show that sharing your story – whether via a blog, by talking to workmates, by joining community groups, or even just talking to passers-by in your front yard – can magnify the impact of the changes you’re making. Sometimes in ways you couldn’t have imagined before you started.

    Growing food for one family doesn’t make a huge difference in the grand scheme of things. But if you doing that encourages another family, and they in turn another family, the snowball effect can have a tremendous impact.

    And that’s before you count all the joy and fun you get from getting others involved! 🙂

  3. Lori from Michigan says:

    Hello Anais,
    I am 12 years old and my parents want a garden just like yours. But our house is tiny so I dont think the garden will be as big. I love the pictures of Blackberry and Fairlight we are going to get goats too. By the way is pickled cabbage any good? My mom says it is yuky but my dad likes it. Thank you very much

    Sincerely, Kylie

  4. Sandi says:

    Just wanted to share that my children love to read your journal right along side me. They are 8, 9 & 10 yrs old. We raise our own chickens and are learning to garden. We ooh and ahh over the animals, and drool over the pictures of the vegetables and recipes.

    Thank you so much for sharing with us!

  5. Amy says:

    I believe that you have many young readers following your family’s journey. I have a 5 and 7 year old that asks each time I sit down at the computer, if there are any new animal pictures on your site. Thank you for taking the time to share your journey with us.

  6. Margret says:

    I agree w/Darren. We’ve been gardening for a few years. Last year, Shawn’s mom expressed an interest in learning to garden so we tilled up a 10 x 15 foot spot for her. Shawn’s sister watched. She decided that since she has lupus & really needs to eat organic, we should get her started too. And in the middle of tilling up her spot, a neighbor came by and wanted a little space for a garden as well…. that’s 3 new gardeners in a day. I was rather pleased w/myself.

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