fairlightfaces.jpg Chew, smile, lick, slurp

I know from recent feedback (hello Val and Emily) that the animals pics and posts are favorites with our readers, especially with the youngin’s (the journal’s readership demographic is incredible!).

In fact, when people come to visit the urban homestead, forget us folks, they want to see the animals! Sheesh, to be upstaged by mere animals. But, honestly, one has to ultimately face the facts. I know we really can’t compete with the likes of Blackberry and Estella.

It’s back to work once again at the English Tea Shop on Sunday. I’ll see if I can wrangle up a few posts on Sunday morning.  Have a good weekend.

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  1. Val says:

    Thank you Anais!! We love the photos. Lady Fairlight is so cute! Her smile is precious.

  2. deb says:

    The job at the tea shop sounds like fun. Do you enjoy it? Are there any simple living “benefits “that come with it??

  3. rhonda jean from down to earth says:

    Hello Anais. I have a surprise waiting for you at my blog.


    : – )

  4. Anais says:

    Hello Val,

    You are welcome, I love sharing our animal antics photos. In fact, I have waaaaaaaay too many animal photos. Can’t help it, they are just so darn cute.

    Lady Fairlight is something…. like I mentioned on the phone I have to post a video of her eating peanut butter. GOT MILK?


  5. Anais says:

    Hello Deb

    Both my sister and I help/work at the English Tea Shop – and have been for the last oh, four years or so.

    Having previous training in running our own business here on the urban homestead we are able to handle a lot of responsiblities at the tea shop. They depend on us to manage and run things. Besides the tea shop, there’s a shop with British foods, teas, AGA stove and clothing. So there’s a lot to do!

    As for benefits, I don’t know if you would say they were “simple” but:

    1. lots of scraps for the animals
    2. you “dress up” for the day like a NIPPY in black and white, with apron
    3. meet lots of interesting people (folks in Hollywood industry, foreigners) The tea shop has served the likes of Julie Andrews, Prince Charles, John Travolta and many, many more
    4. flexible work schedule, able to call your hours, days, etc
    5. good training, dealing with food preparation, serving, people, purchases, phone calls, etc

  6. Anais says:


    Oh, WOW! Thank you so for much for the nod/nom. PTF is honored to be awarded.

    I thank you, my family thanks you and the animals thank you.

    OK, it is OSCAR day here in LaLa land so pardon me if I make a parody of the ceremonies. 😀


  7. Tia says:

    They are SO PRECIOUS!!!! I wish I could have goats theyre just sooo cute!..ps love your website, its such an inspiration…its the only one I read religiously every day!

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