Giving Thanks

It’s a season for giving thanks and our family would like to thank a few folks who have stepped in to help with podcast, farm boxes, homestead chores and future plans:   Tom & Martha,  Renee,  Megan, Owners and Staff of REST Farmhouse in Montrose,  Christina, Aaron, Barry, and Lynda.  Thank you for helping us through an extremely difficult year.   Our family is extremely grateful could have not done it without your support, and more importantly,  your friendship. 

Many hands make light work

We look forward to growing forward with y’all.

Last, but not least, a “thank you” to those who treated us to a “time out”:   Tom & Martha, Renee, Sergio, Dave,  Adrienne, Suz & Chad, David,  Gabriel, Laura & Matt, Kevin, & many more!   Even though we were overwhelmed with all that needed to be done after our father passed away, you helped us step out and have some fun.

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