GIVEAWAY: Poultry Starter [Winner Announced!]

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It’s that time of year again! The poultry catalogs are arriving in the mail and some of us start to feel broody for little baby farm animals!

Thanks to Manna Pro LLC who sent these boxes to us to share with y’all. To address the need for products and information that supports the homesteading lifestyle both in rural and city settings, Manna Pro  runs a web site at The web site offers information about raising backyard chickens, rabbits and goats; gardening in small spaces; and composting in a responsible and sustainable manner.

This is a company striving to show support for a nurturing, connected lifestyle. With a motto: “nurturing life” they are seeking to help people find the resources they need to care for their animals and have a positive relationship with their life and their food. Manna Pro Products, LLC , formed in 1985, has deep roots and connections to some of the feed industries pioneers who paved the way for excellence in animal nutrition. Manna Pro is dedicated to the care and nurturing of animals and supporting the lifestyle of their owners by producing high-quality nutrition and care products for a broad range of species. Proud to support the modern homesteader, Manna Pro offers a wide variety of products for poultry, rabbits, goats, and many other species found in farms and homesteads. For more information about Manna Pro or any of the fine products in manufacture, please visit

Win a Package of MANNA PRO Non-Medicated Poultry Starter

Manna Pro Non-Medicated Starter is formulated with the protein, vitamins and minerals young birds need for healthy growth, but without medications. This formula is ideal for mixed flocks as it can safely be fed to chicks, ducklings and goslings. No added antibiotics. 18% protein complete crumble feed fortified with vitamins and minerals for healthy growth, muscle development, weight gain and sound development. Feed as the sole ration to chicks, ducklings, and goslings for 0 to 8 weeks. Convenient 5 lb size.

How to Enter the Giveaway

Will you be getting chicks or ducklings this year? If so, what breed(s)? Comment in the form below to enter.

NOTE: If you repost this giveaway via twitter or facebook or write about it on your blog – or anywhere online – you may add an additional comment or comments for each time you shared the link for additional chances to win! (just make sure to share the url address in the comments box).

This giveaway will end on 2/29/2012 at 12 PM PST. Open to all persons in the United States of America (due to shipping issues).

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Happy Homesteading Y’all!


  1. Pat Forsythe says:

    I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of my “Splash” Cochin bantams! They arrive very soon. We’ve not had chickens for several years, but have decided to get back to a more natural way of life, and I can’t wait!!

  2. Rachel Blanton says:

    HI! I will be ordering chicks AND ducklings this year! I’m thinking of some Khaki Campbell’s, or Muscovies. And I need a variety of new chicks, some Brahma, Easter Eggers, and I’m gonna throw in some Turkey in my order as well!!!!! 🙂 I love Manna Pro, especially the Poultry Conditioner – WOW what a difference in my birds appearance once I began using the poultry conditioner!!!! I’m going to post on my facebook page about your contest for the free manna pro starter bag!

  3. Kimberly says:

    Would love to win this! We had to move out of state for a year and a half and just got back to our little 1/2 acre in the city, so we’re starting over with a new flock. We just decided last night on getting 10-12 chicks, but not sure what breeds yet!

  4. Julie Helms says:

    I have had White Orpingtons for a few years now. After watching my sea of white I am starved for some color. So I am looking to get chicks of a wide variety of colors to add some rainbow to my white. I have not picked out the breeds yet-still poring over the catalogs! 🙂

  5. Don Barfield says:

    I just started a new flock of 15 barred rock & 10 rhode island reds and would love to win this.

  6. Carolyn says:

    I”m hoping to get some ancona ducklings and maybe a few cochin chicks.

  7. Joshua Hill says:

    I want some sex links so I know I have some layers. I would love some free chickie food.


  8. Darla Shannon says:

    We will be getting Muscovie ducklings.

  9. Joshua Hill says:

    Just posted on twitter @madmonksonzinc


  10. Joshua Hill says:

    Just posted on fb.


  11. Abe says:

    I have 3 rouen eggs in the incubator right now (from our year-old rouens), and a dozen Campbell eggs on the way next month. If all goes well, the ducklings will be eating me out of house and home by April!

  12. Beth Brown says:

    I would love to win some chick feed! I am considering buying a couple of silkies – but my chicks will come from my Barred Rocks!


  13. Julie Helms says:

    Just posted to FB for all my crazy chicken friends. (I guess I need some ducky friends now!)

    (Julie Sawyer Helms)

  14. Julie Helms says:

    Pinned on Pinterest!

  15. Julie Helms says:

    Tweeted on Twitter!

  16. Julie Helms says:

    Stumbled! (Can you tell I really want this!) 🙂


  17. Natalie, the Chickenblogger says:

    Ah, gee. I was decided about being reasonable, and foregoing new additions this spring. We have limited space in the coop, and I don’t think new roostmates would be welcome. But, this generous giveaway has me rethinking my plans! I would love to add a chick or two, for the sheer joy of it. Better yet… I think I will follow your links and read-up on raising goats. I would like to gain plenty of knowledge on this topic, as I feel a powerful temptation on this subject.

  18. Laura C says:

    Yay, chicks!!! Yes, we are converting an old wooden swingset into a henhouse. I am wanting to obtain some Bantams (cochin would be awesome) and my sweetheart wants to raise some heirloom Phoenix. I like the idea of having the Phoenix for breeding, and the Bantams for food – I love crafting, and the feathers of the Phoenix are just -stunning-!

  19. Margot Brinn says:

    We’ll be getting buff orpingtons, barred rocks, light brahmas and guinea fowl [for the ticks] in our Ithaca yard.

  20. Jean says:

    We are planning to start our city flock this spring. My husband designed the moveable coop, so that the two oldest boys could let the chicken into the yard each day and lock them up at night, as well as gather the eggs. So excited.

  21. Trish Short Lewis says:

    We’re getting some new little ones later this spring, buff orphingtons (sp?) among others. Lots of plans around the Prairie Home homestead…

  22. Helen says:

    Just waiting for the first week of March – that’s when our local feed store gets their first shipment of chicks in! We’ll be bringing home a half dozen or so barred rocks – they are always friendly. (maybe for fun I’ll convince my hubby to go for a special surprise duck or two)

  23. Shireen Pigott says:

    3 Ameraucana chicks coming mid-March to join our 3 Rhode Island Reds. Wish we had room for more!

  24. Joy says:

    We’re getting our first six chicks this spring and are so excited!

  25. Gina says:

    I would love this!! We’re trying to hatch Rhode Island Reds right now.

  26. Beth says:

    I will be ordered my chicks this year due to an unfortunate day involving my small flock of Buffs and a stray dog. I am left with 4 girls and try as they may I need more eggs!!

  27. Doreen says:

    We’ll be adding a few Rhode Island Reds to our current half-dozen Barred Plymouth Rocks. The girls have been great troupers–we got 6 eggs in a 24-hour period last week from the six birds–in mid-February!

  28. Eva says:

    This year I will be raising a plethora of different chicks..Araucanas, Faverolles, Australorps, Orphingtons, and Booted Bantams. I favor a Faverolles for the rooster of my hen house. All of these breeds are beautiful to look at and are (for the most part) great egg layers! I hope to have extra to share with friends & neighbors. It should be a glorious happy summer with lots of happy cluckers!

  29. Monica says:

    It’s my hope that we will be able to get chickens this year. It depends on when we move. When we do I’d like to get some chickens for eggs and for meat. I haven’t decided on what kind but there are definitely some cute chickens I’d love to have. lol ;0)

  30. Teresa R. says:

    Even though we have the colorful flock I’ve always wanted, my 10 yr. old insists that a trio of Polish hens is in order….so we’ll probably end up with the Gabor sisters, Eva, Ava,and Zsa Zsa! What fun…we really enjoy our hens! Would very much appreciate some chick feed…:)

  31. Tamara Bronaugh says:

    We are getting chickens and ducks this year! We are planning on Golden Comets for the chicks, and are getting the ducklings from a local farmer and will get whatever breed he gives us. I have had chickens before, but never ducks. We are a homeschooling family that is (re)learning some of the old ways. We love your website!

  32. Susan says:

    I plan to get some Buff Orpington chicks this year. They are gentle, hardy birds who will give me a lot of delicious brown eggs in about 20 weeks. I can’t wait until they arrive and to win the feed in this economy would truly be a blessing.

  33. Lori says:

    Still deciding what we want. Have a few Golden Comets & Black Sex Links. Thinking more Golden Comets. Would love to win the food.

  34. Cynthia Robinson says:

    We are building a new coop and will start with Auracanas or Buff Orpingtons; I want a couple to be little chicks so that I can teach them to sit in my lap. 🙂

  35. DonnaJ says:

    We will be buying baby chicks this year. I don’t know what kind we will get yet, depends on what the local store has this spring. Our last chickens were buff orppingtons.

  36. William says:

    Planning to change a small shed into a chicken coop. We are in the planning stages at this point. We appreciate this giveaway to help keep us focused on the great new adventure. Thank You !!!

  37. Lynn says:

    Going to be starting over with barred rock chicks this spring…had a backyard flock for years, went through a divorce, had to start over at a new place which has taken a few years. REALLY looking forward to having chickens again! 🙂

  38. Michelle says:

    This will be our second year of chicken raising and we are going to try “Norwegian Jaerhons.” We currently have two hens: “Seben” a Red Leghorn and “Funf” a mystery breed that was supposed to be an Aurecana. Come spring they will free range on 22 acres in North Idaho under the dutiful guardianship of our German Shepherd dog.
    The chx feasted on sprouts and Asian pears this morning. Following Jordanne’s expertise with lots of love and handling and spoiling has paid off. Chx girls are friendly, cuddly and give us eggs every other day. The vivid orange yolks make store-bought (even free-range organic) look anemic!

  39. Gail says:

    I’ll be getting some more chicks this year, as a raccoon killed all our hens this year. And I’m certain our family of Muscovies will give us babies again this Spring. 🙂

  40. Nancy says:

    We hatched out about 40 chicks of all types and colors. My favorites are the Silver-Laced Wyandottes. They are so beautiful and have sweet personalities.

  41. walker says:

    I love auracana’s (sp) and their green eggs.
    I also have some sultanas which are fun to look at .

  42. Solducky says:

    chicks this spring!
    soluckyducky at gmail dot com

  43. Martha Waugh says:

    I just picked up 4 more chicks to add to my tiny backyard flock…cute little barred rock, black australorp, barnevelder and silver laced Wyandotte. They would love to win this.

  44. Happy Heart in NorCal says:

    My city recently made it legal to have 3 backyard chickens within city limits. I plan to get the coop built next month, and will get chicks from the local country feed store. I’m not sure what breed I’ll be getting.

    Would love to win some chicken feed. The initial investment in feeder, waterer, chicken wire, lumber for the coop, etc. means this will not be an enterprise to make money this year, if ever; it’s to provide higher quality eggs. Thank you to Manna Pro for their generous offer.

  45. Happy Heart in NorCal says:

    I just posted the giveaway onto FaceBook

  46. Liberty W says:

    Hi there Urban Homestead! Been following y’all for years, happy to see your growth and progress. We are also urban farmers, and until recently had 3 Nigerian Dwarf goats, 2 flocks of lovely chickens (Buff Orps and Mille Fleur Banties), 2 bunnies, 2 dogs and a cat (we covered all the farm basics right in the middle of the city!) We even got away with a little banty Rooster for a short time, until his outgoing personality caused him to vocalize any time we came into the yard! To help with the care and enjoyment of our livestock, we also helped raise a gaggle of children of neighbors and friends. When we were forced to move, we found wonderful homes for our animals, and are now ready to start again: our little Mille Fleurs are incubating as we speak – how I love to brood (can you tell?) Economics was always an issue – folks asked if we really saved any money producing our own eggs. Well, they were generally right, and also were generally the folks who hadn’t ever raised their own. So the value that comes from the process was lost in the translation 🙂 Thanks for being leaders in the Urban Farming movement, one day soon we’ll make the trek from San Diego to visit (btw: we have formed a little traveling cowboy band with my father-in-law, a true singing cowboy of old, so if you ever want to have a little old-timey music, we perform for the love of it.) Best, Liberty

    • Anais Dervaes says:

      Love it, great city homesteading story! Certainly brought a smile to my face this morn. Did I hear old timey music? Boy howdy! Luv to do an impromptu sing a long if y’all come up. 🙂

  47. Jill L. says:

    We are planning to get bantam silkies,our daughters both are excited to have their own. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  48. Jill L. says:

    Just posted on my twitter,hoping to win and feed our silkies we are getting.Thanks

  49. Veronica V. says:

    I have to wait til this weekend for TSC to get in their chicks……hmmm wonder what they will have?

  50. vickie says:

    I want some new chicks this year- Rhode Island Red are my favorite