Justin filling the car

A crew from TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting System) spent time with us this morning as we went through the brief overview of hombrewed biodiesel. They even came along to the restaurant where we get the waste vegetable oil. The people there were quite excited to have a film crew in their kitchen – certainly stirred up some excitement ( funny what cameras do to people’s demeanor) !   They also interviewed a friend of ours, Johan, who took a biodiesel workshop we gave a few months back; they wanted “a convert’s'” take on this non-toxic fuel that he runs in his Mercedes.   We appreciated Johan’s coming down to be a part of this segment and sharing his opinion on this alternative fuel.

Everything was rushed and we were a bit jumbled. Don’t blame them because they had to shoot everything and have it ready to send tonight!   The lady who was coordinating the whole thing told us that she wanted to shoot Jules talking to a class. Well, since  it’s 8 in the morning with no prior warning it was impossible to get fill -ins.   So, we kids stood in, trying to look like interested workshop participants. We felt kinda of silly, but what else could we do with little notice?

The segment will air on a show called ‘Broadcaster’ on TBS, Friday at 10pm ( American Time).

The 16 page ‘Introduction to Biodiesel’ that we hand out at the Biodiesel Mixers here at PTF is now available to download online. Visit our DIY biodiesel page and scroll down to below the picture of the suburban and click on the link.