In a previous post I hint that Farmer D will be traveling down south in mid March (March 20-21)  Well, it’s official. He going to be one of the speakers at the Georgia Organics Conference.

In fact this is the second time Farmer D and Pollan have been paired together. Well actually they are giving talks on two different days. But, hey it’s same venue!

In fall of 07 Farmer D gave the rousing homegrown revolution presentation before Pollan’s talk at UCLA

Now he’s giving a workshop about

Workshop 4 – Urban Homesteading:
Eating and Living Off the Grid
Jules Dervaes, Path to Freedom
Since 2001, Jules Dervaes and his family have been living a protest— Path to Freedom—against corporate control of the food supply. They now grow over 6,000 pounds of produce annually on a one-fifth acre residential lot in Pasadena, Ca.Their project incorporates alternative energy, transportation, and back-to-basics practices. Mr. Dervaes will present steps individuals can take where they are and with what they have, to become independent and live as responsible stewards of the earth.

Also there’s talk about the documentary HomeGrown by Robert Mcfalls showing on Saturday at the GOC.  Details are still sketchy but that was what we heard from the producer but there’s been no confirmation as of yet.

Also there’s are quite a decent contingent of Freedom Gardeners so there even could be a FG meetup too with Farmer D showing up.  That’s still in the works too.

Stay tuned for details

More information about the conference check out Georgia Organics website


  1. Nikki says:

    I will be there! So excited, hoorah! I’m hoping some other GA Freedom Gardners will attend too!

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