While the late spring rain’s were a blessing bringing much need percipitation (didn’t help with the drought though) it also brought the dreaded B word. Blight! Oh, and no thanks to the roller coaster weather either – hot, then cold, then hot, then cold which played havoc on people and plants alike.

While blight does not necessarily kill the plant, it makes the plants ugly and can greatly reduce yields. So it’s an all out effort to keep the blight under managable conditions by removing infected plants (if they are too far gone) or doing a bit of “surgery” taking out infected stems and leaves.

Summer ‘Tater Harvest!

Look at these beauties – what a blessing!

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  1. Ken Kunst says:

    Great looking spuds! Those same reds and Yukon golds are the varietals I’ve been pulling out of my garden lately! This is my first try at a large amount, and it is so rewarding…potatoes are one of the “easier” crops to do in the Spring…Try it folks, you’ll be sold on your own taters! And with grains becoming so expensive, it is a very do-able small scale crop. Of course, storing them and coming up with myriad recipes for them are other challenges…so I’ve been perusing my old cookbooks to keep things varied and tasty!
    As far as blight goes…yes, the weather has been very strange this spring, and my raspberries are not doing well, and I’ve noticed some blight on some cukes….This has to be the windiest spring I can ever recall, and it is annoying. Make me think I could install a wind generator and crank out some watts! And now with the talk of water rationing, our neighborhood garden project might be affected. And just as the corn and winter squashes have poked through the soil! Oh well……….

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