Since seeds of this website were planting online in 2001, the Urban Homestead project has inspired individuals and families to integrate sustainable living practices into their daily lives.

Whether you live in an apartment, suburb or 10 acres, our mission is to connect with folks who yearn to take back their food and live a more sustainable and conscious lifestyle. Through our various multi-media presentations we will inspire you with personal stories, arm you with sustainable solutions & practical know-how. How each and everyone of us can take small steps that have a big impact through collective modern homesteading efforts – doing what we can, with what we have, no matter the circumstances.

Homegrown Revolution

In 2007 another revolution was seeded. This time thru a homemade short “film that could.” After screening to 300 students at UCLA, the short film was uploaded to YouTube and got the attention of several local and worldwide film festivals.

Not only did our little film win a slew of awards but brought entire audience to their feet and tears in their eyes. This homemade and homegrown film has inspired millions around the world to pick up a trowel and start a Homegrown Revolution in their own back and front yards. View video FREE on YOUTUBE

We were blessed to have the incredible opportunity to share our journey in person in various cities in the USA and also abroad. Our travels have taken us to:

Eco Farm Conference, Asilomar, CA
Georgia Organics Conference, Atlanta GA
Cal Tech
New Zealand

Growing the Future

Like for us to give a presentation to you or your group on how to turn an ordinary home into a modern homestead with 10 key elements? Would you like to host us in your city?

Send us your proposal and details.

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