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Along Comes ‘Berry’

Blackberry with one of our Belgian D’uccles, Estella (you have to say her name like Marlon Brando does in ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’), on her back.

Photos and More Photos

Going through the endless folders of photos I am amazed to see the progress the urban homestead has made. Seeing those pictures accumulated over the years is truly humbling to see how far we have come … one step at a time. Scrolling past the hundreds of yard, animal and projects, I’ve come across some really cute (how many goat photos can one have… too many I’m afraid!) and never before seen photos by our readers.   With the new upgrades, it will be nice to finally get a chance to share.  Finally going through the new
photo gallery (thanks to our readers ongoing  generosity) I’m learning all the features. One of the perks that I like is that readers will be able to view the newest photos on front photo gallery index page – no more having to search through all the photos anymore. Don’t you like that? I also want to note that the photos you see (and will see posted) on the journal or throughout the PTF website of the urban homestead have not been touched up, altered in any way/form – what we took is what you see.   Since we have such technology right at our fingertips I thought our readers who like to know that all PTF photos are 100% pure with no “artificial addictives.” Good news!  We got the uploading problem fixed. Light up some Nag Champa and turn up some Cat Stevens ballads to help me get through transferring the entire old photo gallery site, putting them into new categories, adding keywords and descriptions.   After that’s done then time to resize and upload all the new, never before seen photos,  putting these into categories, adding keywords, descriptions and so forth.  I’m shooting to have all this
completed by the end of October. Wish me luck.

:: Field Hand Appreciation :: Look what the mail man brought – a $25 check from AH.  Such a wonderful surprise and the donation is greatly appreciated.  This brings me to say that I know a few of our readers have commented on where can they send a check. 

Our address is located at the top of the journal page click ‘CONTACT

Autumn sunflower on the urban homestead


I really love the change of season and am looking forward to: Making pumpkin pie with homegrown pumpkinsDuck eggs from our new duckies (Meg, Jo, Beth & Amy)Goat walking in brisk late afternoonsRain showersSnow peasSitting in front of the Jotul stove with one of the many knitting projects neglected during the hot summerUsing up the preserves and canned goods from the summer harvestHomemade bread with homemade jam What do you look forward to?


A lot of ingredients go into rising grocery bills {MSNBC}

The forces behind the rise in food prices — China’s economic boom, a growing biofuels industry and a weak U.S. dollar — are global and not letting up anytime soon. Grocery receipts are bulging because the raw ingredients, packaging and fuel that go into the price of foodstuffs cost more than they have in decades.
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:: Solution :: reduce food miles by growing closer to home — in your backyard.
Entire Landscapes on the Move {IPS}

There are trees and lawns in Nome (Alaska) now,” said Patricia Cochran, chair of the Inuit Circumpolar Council. “I never thought I’d see trees growing on the tundra,” Cochran said about her hometown, which lies on the Bering Sea and was once too cold for trees to grow.
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These are warnings signs that climate change is accelerating… wonder what it mean for the already dire So California landscape or for any part of the United States for that matter.

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  1. P~ says:

    I look forward to bundling up under a homemade quilt on our porch swing with my wife and looking out over the Wasatch Mountains in Northern Utah. Seeing the red and gold leaves of the aspen and scrub oaks ablaze in the orange light of the setting sun. I look forward to digging in the spent gardens and preparing them for next season. I look forward to cool nights with the windows open and blankets on the bed. I love Autumn!