One thing neat about having this backyard menagerie of animals (besides hours of free entertainment, fertilizer, eggs and eventually even milk) is the fun one has giving them nicknames.   The loud and dominant Khaki Campbell duck who has a “haw, haw” like quack officially got dubbed ‘Lourdes Haw Haw.’   She spreads her own quackerganda here on the urban homestead that’s she’s queen of the ducks.    When busy in the kitchen and the screen door open (yes we still have our doors open here in So Cal) you can hear he start laughing and one can’t help but laugh along with her.   Who needs comedy central when we have our very own laugh track here on the urban homestead.

Home Improvements

The guys have taken down the old goat house and are working on a new one. It’s quite a humorous to watch them work in the animal enclosure with a bunch of curious animals who want to know what they are up to. The most curious of all the animals are the goats, they want to stick their nose and mouth in/on everything. Next is Estella, our bantam belgian chicken, she has to come over and check out what you are doing. She cocks her head to the side and gives you this look along with an incredibly cute trilled cooing as if to say “whatcha doing?”

Such are the tales from the urban homestead’s funny farm.

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  1. Molly says:

    Inspired by your KC ducks I raised some this year. There was an unfortunate predator incident that left me with 4 of the original 8, one of those with an injured leg. I named the injured one “W”, and the other 3 “X”, “Y”, and “Z”. X turns out to have that drunk-at-a- comedy-club-laugh and I quack up (sorry) every time I hear her.

  2. Urban Homesteader says:

    Hello Molly

    Thanks for your comments – love the “quack up” quip. Funny how one duck turns out to have such a comedic laugh.

    Sorry to hear of your loss. Unfortunately, stuff like that happens. Glad you still have four left to enjoy and make you smile… er laugh.