Summer means hot temps and fruit, fruit, fruit.

Here on the urban homestead we are harvesting grapes, apples, peaches, blueberries (have a whole ziplock bagful!) and strawberries.

Ripening soon will be figs and elderberries.

For some reason, don’t know if it has to do with the weather but the clusters of grapes contain semi ripe, ripe and even a few “raisin” grapes.   Rather than wait till the whole cluster ripened we went ahead a picked them anyway.

In a few months we’ll be dealing with pomegranates, guavas and citrus.

Stay tuned for what’ll we be bakin’ and preservin’ with these homegrown delights.


  1. Michelle says:


  2. Mary Hysong says:

    I’ve read that thinning the clusters while the grapes are pea sized will give you bigger grapes and more uniform ripening. But they still look really yummy!

  3. Blythe says:

    Your fruit is beautiful! It’s cherry season here in MI. I just finished making a batch of sweet cherry jam to put up and enjoy all year.

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