Some more emails to share, including one from my birth country (New Zealand!):

I just wanted to commend you on your two websites, they are fantastic, the best I have found by far and truly inspiring. My partner and I have a 1/4 acre section in semi rural New Zealand and we are just dying to buy a bigger place but need to save more money. Your site was just what I needed to see to stop feeling so much frustration at our lack of ‘space’ for our food growing – we aren’t lacking in space, only imagination and ingenuity it seems! What an awesome lifestyle to bring your family up on, everything I think and feel is just screaming back out at me in your site – awesome!! There is a huge resurgence in NZ in home growing, low impact living & self reliance – alot of us agree the world is in trouble and we need to do our bit for our own health and wellbeing and that of the Earth. I will be telling every likeminded person I know about your site. The work involved in running your sites is done out of sheer desire to pass on what you all have learned in a desire to educate others, that is very obvious and what an awesome, awesome job you have done. Thank you so much!


i’ve been a reader of your site for quite a while. i was thrilled to stumble upon it a few years ago…… a while back while standing in line at the grocery store i had one of those “this is not how it should be” epiphany moments and started growing as much as i could in the small, limited window space apartment i lived in at the time. eventually i started raised bed gardens at family members’ houses……. always with the promise i only wanted enough space for ONE BED… tee hee hee 🙂 my parents now have 5 of my raised beds in thier yard and my cousin has another three (4′ x 12′ beds at my parents and 4′ x 8′ at my cousin’s, respectively).

finally i bought a house that had the type of space inside AND outside that i wanted….. i have 3/10 acre of future farmland 🙂 the property altogether is about 1/2 an acre…. to me it’s one big blank slate! at this point the two gardens produce enough food to keep 6 people in veggies/berries during the NE growing season. hopefully once the garden here at the new house is up and producing, that harvest can be extended into storage and freezing to reduce our winter reliance on the grocery store. in the future…. possibly chickens?

anyway, enough with the personal history….. sorry about that, i’m definitely a talker….. i just wanted to say i have such great respect for what your family is doing! keep up the great work and realize you’re an inspiration to people, even 3,000 miles and 3 zones away

– Beth

Thank you all for such great and immensely positive emails. Ya’ll really made our day definitely a bright one! We so enjoy hearing such life changing stories like these. It’s wonderful to see the people taking matters into their own hands – being the solution by living the change.

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