Dear Cobbers,

I want to tell you we just had one of the most fun workshops at the gardens.

On a cool cloudy day we had about 16 people ready tolearn and play in the mud. I told them they would have to be 5 years old again to really understand what I was telling them, since our culture has said mud is bad and you shouldn’t get dirty.

Well we all acted 5 and had to best time. We didn’t even have to have name tags in case we forgot each others names. I forgot every ones name anyway, so it worked great. As we progressed the group was very relaxed with each other and at that point I started letting them teach each other as they discovered what they learned.

It was so much fun while the chickens, rabbits and other creature in the most beautiful garden watched us play. I told them they may fall in love with cob and one person said, I’m bringing a piece home with me.

There was a time I asked if anyone know what muscles bulge out when your a cobber. Everyone stopped and looked at me up and down as I kept the answer from them. So after they started begging me to tell them which muscles bulged I said the ones that are soar tomorrow.

We must let the first layers of cob dry on the oven before we finish, so we stopped building, except for a part I wanted to show what the finished surface would look like. I had them make a plaster out of the same material that was sifted and we then applied the mix.

When they saw it begin to smooth out and be finished it really made them see what we were going to all the trouble getting soar muscles.

The Dervaes’s who owned the farm kept giving me lemonade, covering up my plate we I set it down so bugs wouldn’t get it, asking me to rest, lifting this, shoveling that, forgot to give me apple pie and felt bad, .. It was the best time I had in a while.

Before I left they made me dinner and we sat around talking about the day and someone already sent them an e-mail on how much fun they had. I forgot to tell you the biggest laugh.

When someone asked where do you get all the parts, I went to my van and put on my scrounge wear, a hard hat and a bright yellow-orange reflective vest. (This is urban camouflage for when you need to clean up someone else’s mess without getting in trouble.)

I walked into the group and said, “Where is your permit and what is cob? ‘ One guy who never laughs had a belly laugh that loosened him up. We all knew this was a great thing to do in our community of disconnect and piles of discarded trash.

That day we seemed to put things back to together including ourselves with the earth. We must dance this dance again somewhere soon.

Wish all of you the best of health,


Note: Darn, I forgot to snap a photo of Ray in his urban camouflage. I was laughing too hard I plum forgot! And, Ray, we owe you an apple pie.