It was certainly busy morning today (and will be again tomorrow)- we had lots of orders to fill (and harvest for personal use here on the urban homestead).

Both the owner and executive chef of ELEMENTS KITCHEN dropped by to get a first hand view of what’s growing on the urban farm so they can adjust and plan their menu. We walked through the garden pointing on what coming on and when they also sampled a few of the newly planted seasonable vegs and herbs.

ELEMENTS KITCHEN is now featuring ‘Dervaes Garden‘ homegrown produce specifically by name so you can spot it easily on the menu!

On their menu this week: salad greens, egg salad sandwich, herbs and edible flowers straight from our garden to your table. This week I hear they are planning on making lemon verbena ice cream made with our homegrown lemon verbena. I’ll have to get their recipes!

If you get a hankering to dine out or take out, drop in this innovative kitchen and support both a local business and family farm at the same time.

Farmer D discussing what’s in season here at the farm

Executive Chef, Alberto, tastes one of the salad greens. It’s really great to see the chef-farm connection taking place – the food become real to them and the intense homegrown flavors are loved by their customers.

Sorry, Alberto, we got dibs on the strawberries!

Chef/Owner Onil Chibas chats with CNN on the benefits of local foods and how he incorporates them into their menu.

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  1. Fiona says:

    That is so wonderful to actually see the Chef’s out there in the garden. In our area we have such a diversity of produce and other food products and I wish more and more restaurants in our area took the time to go out in real time to see what they are buying to prepare for customers. I’m even willing to pay more knowing that I’m helping to support a local farmer:)


  2. Rachel says:

    Great illustration of the “farm to table” connection. Everything looks so beautiful!!! Did you make those metal trellises next to the wall or did you find them somewhere?


  3. SANDY says:

    I, too am curious about those giant tomato cages.
    They are awesome!

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Chefs in the garden is such a wonderful thing to see! Here in Denver we’re organizing a week (Sept 6th-12th) where all of the independent restaurants – 36 so far – will run menus featuring locally grown or produced items. It’s called “Harvest Week.” We’re very excited about supporting the local farming community and raising awareness about local eating.

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