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Look what was in our email box today!

“We Love Freshly Picked Dervaes Greens… We make special salads featuring them, always lightly dressed so their fresh flavors are enhanced. The unique blend of mesclun greens (which might include anything from baby celery leaves to baby arugula or mizuna to kale) is positively addictive. And their edible flowers are not only beautiful but fun to eat.

Dervaes Gardens is a small, family run, Pasadena based urban farm. Their specialty: rare and heirloom varieties of vegetables, edible flowers and fruit. The Dervaes care for their produce through natural gardening methods and low-impact preparations, including recycled water and organic fertilizers.

We are proud to support them. Visit Dervaes Gardens online, at:”

Chef Onil Chibás / Elements Kitchen

Not only is the restaurant serving our salad greens but tomatoes, figs and duck eggs too.

Good news!  You can purchase some of your very own homegrown goodies.  Well, that is, all EXCEPT for the “addicting” salad greens (summer limits our supply to very few clients)

We’ve been growing organically since 1995 so come on by and pick up fresh from our garden for your table tonight!

Call or email us for availability


  1. PMyVVpJ0R says:

    Boy was I surprised when upon starnitg your podcast today I heard you refer to the link I posted on your facebook account yesterday. I am honored that you took the time to follow my link and then to bring to light the unfairness shown to those authors by these twisted people. I am a proud member of the MSB and plan to continue my support as long as you continue to provide such an excellent service. I actually look forward to your podcasts on a daily basis. I will even stop the audiobook I am listening to so that I can hear your podcast the minute I know it is available each day. You have made the miles pass by quicker for this over the road trucker. From one veteran to another, Thanks for your service JimboCurrent score: 1

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