Besides what’s happening day to day here at urban homestead operations there’s lots happening on the Freedom Gardens homefront.

Here are some highlights to get you caught up

Freedom Harvest Challenge – Collective growing effort to harvest 1 million pounds is growing forward.  Participants are sowing, growing and weighing in!

We are working on a live weigh in widget but until then I could use someone’s help to give me a poundage tally count to date

Our family’s 1/10 acre garden plot January harvest tallied up to be about 190 pounds.

From small patio or window sill pots, backyard or community plots – every little bit counts.

The mission of the challenge is to grow food closer to home and cultivate community and food sharing.  So don’t forget if you grow more than enough for your family, besides preserving the lot consider donating your extra food to a local charitable organization.

Spread the word and recruit others at your garden club, on your blog at your church etc.

Let’s get growing and dig for our dinners!

Sherri over at Chiots Run is all set for her tally tracking efforts.  If you are posting about the Freedom Harvest Challenge then let us know (post your blog in comment box below)

So far Chiot’s Run & Herb Cat have shared the FH challenge on their blog.  There’s probably more!

Now for some super exciting news!

FG Gatherings are what’s happening.  Yes, that’s right.  We finally got the green light to allow FG members to post their FG events.  Took long enough, but we had some legal issues to deal with and guidelines to write up.

Atlanta Georgia is the first to post their FG gathering on Sun Mar 22 and Farmer D will be their special guest.   Also if you are in the Atlanta are don’t forget to sign up for Farmer D’s 3.5 hour workshop on urban homesteading in Atlanta on Friday Mar 20.

Here’s the list of FG Gatherings so far:  Georgia,  Kentucky which will be followed by Ohio.

Pretty soon there will be FG gathering popping up across the globe!

Don’t forget if you do hold a gathering make sure to take photos and share them on Freedom Gardens!  We want to see those table full of homegrown goodies and smiling faces.

Moving on to the next batch of news….

Over these last couple weeks there’s been some improvements made to FG site.

There’s the new look – color scheme, logo (still needs a bit of improvement but it works for now).

Then there’s the new features.  A nifty HOW DO I section to help assist you in using the site.

You can post and share your favorite recipes with members, send a shout out, collect bookmarks from helpful online resources and not to mention hold FG events!

Now you can follow FG on Twitter and we even have a FG Flickr Group going.

Our February Freedom Gardener of the month comes from 1/2 round the world in Zimbabwe. Her garden is not only growing food but hope for her trouble country.

Bill Moyers Journal lists FG as a resource. That was pretty exciting.

What’s even more exciting is the growth.  Nearing 3,000 members and growing every day. A huge thank you to those who have taken upon themselves to sow the seeds of this 21st century food security and sovereignty movement.

Freedom Gardens isn’t just about growing gardens it’s about cultivating people.

Still to come….


Online swap section

Videos feeds and more

And here’s where we are gonna need your participation with

FG blog (going to sending out a call for contributing writers soon)

Digital propaganda (widgets, banners, posters, etc)  We could use some help making these up for people to put on on their blogs

Resources – collecting growing guidelines and resources (vegetable planting guides, zone maps, etc)

Whew,  that about wraps up the FG highlights this week.  Stay tuned for more updates from the urban homestead and more.

:: Field Hand Appreciation :: DH $15  Thank you for your donation.  We truly appreciate and value your support.


  1. Paul Gardener~ says:

    Anais, I’m all on board for this challenge! I blogged on it earlier this month (
    Hopefully soon my ground will thaw and I can get started growing something besides sprouts! Should be getting some of the brassicas and early stuff started this weekend though Yippee!
    Grow on!

  2. Andres says:

    I have joined the challenge, and have a posting about the Freedom Harvest Challenge in my blog, and think I have convinced some of my extended family to join the challenge as well.

  3. Maureen says:

    I’m so excited about the Atlanta FG gathering! I’m going, I hope there will be lots of other ATL gardeners there too.

  4. DoubleD says:

    I joined the challenge too – but I am having a heck of a time getting out of my current habit of harvesting and then going straight to the dinner prep or table with the items. I just have never made it a practice to weigh things unless I needed to for a recipe or when working with large quantities while canning etc.

    I’m trying though! LOL!

  5. BessieJoy says:

    We’ve joined the challenge and blogged about it! We’re excited, even though, so far, our harvest total is only 1.25 pounds. But, you say every pound counts, right?

  6. Tammy says:

    Count us IN for the challenge. Are we to post “weights” on our blogs or ???

    And is this “as picked” weight, or “prepared for eating / canning or preserving” weight (after peeling, etc) ??

    I always enjoy reading your blog and the updates ! INSPIRING and ENCOURAGING !!

    Grace & Peace,
    SE Tennessee (zone 7)

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