We’ve been getting back positive feedback from our first foray’s into offering safe, secure (and free) seeds (thanks!)

When we visited Freedom Farmer S’s plot on Sunday we were thrilled to see his Freedom Seeds growing so well. The veggies were so beautiful that I had to snap photos of the patch of Ashworth Yellow Corn, Early Jersey Wakefield cabbage (which had beautiful heads)  Supposedly I am going to get a few of those heads to make sauerkraut!  Yep, off with their heads!

Here are some of the other customer reviews….


Hi, I bought some seeds from you earlier this year, many of which are doing very well, thank you 🙂



While this is an incomplete review not covering the tomato itself (yet) the seeds are doing quite well. I started 20 Valencia tomato seeds and ALL of them have germinated.

I had also bought tomato seeds from another heirloom seed company and only about half of them have germinated in the same amount of time. They are a different type of tomato, so Im not sure if that makes much difference.

I will come back for a follow up review after Ive eaten some of these Valencia tomatoes!



Just wanted to thank the Dervaes family for their nice selection of seeds and placed another order. I do hope they add more heirloom tomato seeds to the website!

I had previously ordered some Valencia tomato seeds a month ago from FS and have 100% germination. Im impressed and proud to order again from you. Im not getting 100% from other OP/organic/heirloom companies seeds.

Im having a fun gardening season so far and thank Freedom Seeds for their selections. Cant wait to see the site grow!



I absolutely agree about the FG seeds.  I planted some zucchini and the plants are taking over my yard, they are so healthy.  I’ve already harvested 4 zucchinis!  In contrast, I had bought a zucchini plant at a big box store, it’s a fourth the size and finally producing, well, one so far.  And it was planted a couple of weeks before the seeds.  I’m a believer!!


Have you posted photos of your Freedom Garden plot filled with Freedom Seeds?  Care to share?


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  2. Sarah DiPier says:

    The seeds I got from you guys are doing great! The lettuce especially is gorgeous. Thank you!

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