Urban farm girl models the new FG tees in Farmer S’s cornfield


We are trying to raise funds to keep our social network online and growing.

Thanks to those of you who purchased the newly released FG bumper stickers!   Glad you like ’em.

Thing is that we don’t have to funds (right now) to purchase a minimum order of organic tees so are (for the time being) opting instead for print on demand service.   Which means a slightly higher price if we are to make a wee bit of profit.  Can’t always get what you want in life


These “Our Earth, I Dig It” Tees would sell for $25 (with additional $5.00 S&H)

From that retail cost only about a $5.00 profit will be made and go to support and our summer fund raising efforts.

Interested? Do you dig these new tees?

:: Field Hand Appreciation ::

TP $50 donation

Thank you for your support!


  1. Lindsay says:

    Love the shirts!
    I’d buy it and wear it.

  2. mavis says:

    I’ll take one! Tell me how/where to buy it. The new Freedom gardens bumper sticker is on the car…I love it!

  3. Liesl says:

    Nice Tees!
    I’m having difficulty logging on to Freedom Gardens, I wrote to admin, but got no reply. Any clue what’s up for Safari/Firefox users?

  4. Debra says:

    Cute! Will buy one too.

  5. Lindsey Davidson says:

    I LOVE AND WANT THIS SHIRT! Tell me how to buy one!

  6. LianaWW says:

    I’m absolutely interested. Those tees are great! 🙂

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