Would you like to receive 10 seed packet assortment from Seeds of Change(mixture of flowers, herbs and veggies)?Here’s how you can receive this free seed offer.

Qualify For the Seed Offer

For every 2 articles submitted receive 1 seed packetFor every 5 links submitted receive 1 seed packet

::Articles::Come across a great article while surfing the web or have written oneyourself? Then share this knowledge with others! 

::Links::Have a favorite link that you found helpful or run across a site that youwould like to share? submitting the new link, please make sure the link hasn’t alreadybeen added to the directory)The link directory is restricted to non-commercial, non profit andeducational links only.

For-profit sites selling products or services (evenif they are considered green and eco-friendly) will not be accepted.All links will be reviewed upon submission, we reserve the right todetermine if the links are suitable and relevant.

How to Receive Your Gift1. Join, Add links or articles into the portal2. Send an email to with a list of articles andlinks that you submitted into the portal directory.Those who participate and qualify by submitting required number of links orarticles, will receive an email back asking for their mailing address.

Hurry, Act Now!Supplies are limited.Offer ends January 30, 2006 – or until supplies run out!LIMIT: 10 seed packets per participant

We (and our readers) look forward to your contribution.   If you have anyquestions, feel free to email.Thank you for your participation.PTF team