We are excited to be able to offer THREE Homestead Blessings Collections by the West Ladies of Tennessee thanks to a generous promotional offer from Franklin Springs Media

Word has it they are working on three more – can’t wait!

Here’s how to enter this drawing

Purchase $50 worth of goods (not including S&H) at and qualify for 1 raffle ticket

$100 gives you 2 tickets and

$150 and over 3 raffle tickets

An initial drawing will be held after 25 tickets are in the “hat.” The winner will be announced here at LHITC. Subsequent drawings will be held after every additional 25 tickets received until all three prizes are awarded.

PRIZE is the 3 DVD set of Homestead Blessings Collection worth $50.00

Good luck ya’ll.

Or you could just go ahead and order a single dvd or their 3 dvd collection that we are now carrying on Peddlers Wagon.

Either way you help keep LHITC and affiliated sites online and growing for your source of helpful tips and information.

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Join the West ladies – Vicki, Jasmine, Hannah, and CeCe – in this exciting new instructional DVD series. Homestead Blessings is a fun-filled collection of homemaking skills presented in an educational and entertaining three DVD set. The southern hospitality of the West ladies will welcome you into this unique series that is encouraging to ladies of all ages and teaches valuable skills that can be applied to many homemaking endeavors. The three DVD set includes instruction in bread making, candle making, and soap making, and provides helpful tips in each of these three wonderful arts.

The Art of Breadmaking

Savor the art of breadmaking in this new DVD from the West ladies – Vicki, Jasmine, Hannah, and CeCe. Their down-home charm and wit entertain while demonstrating the fun-filled process of baking fresh breads.

From fresh whole wheat bread, to delicious cinnamon rolls, to classic southern cornbread, this DVD offers a host of scrumptious breadmaking delights. This educational and entertaining film teaches valuable homemaking skills to ladies of all ages.

Learn the classic art of making bread while enjoying the warmth and southern hospitality of the West Ladies. An encouraging picture of a family joyfully working together, the Art of Breadmaking is packed with expert advice, practical tips, and recipes sure to enrich your family.

Duration: 56 Minutes.

The Art of Candle Making

Learn the artful skill of candle making in this exciting new DVD from the West ladies – Vicki, Jasmine, Hannah, and CeCe. This creativity-inspiring film is full of helpful instruction, practical tips, and fun-filled insight into the unique art of candle making.

From distinctive and beautiful glow lamps, twisted candles, decorative ornaments, basic seven-inch candles, and much more, this DVD is filled with a range of candle making activities sure to encourage warmth and creativity for your family.

Bring the joy of candling making into your home with the southern hospitality and homestead charm the West ladies bring to this entertaining and instructive film. The Art of Candle Making is full of special techniques, artistic flair, and family unity sure to cultivate beauty, joy, and ambience in your home.

Duration: 48 Minutes.

The Art of Soap Making

Bring creative flair to your home with “The Art of Soap Making”, the new DVD from the West ladies – Vicki, Jasmine, Hannah, and CeCe. This inspiring DVD is full of instructive step-by-steps, artful how-tos, and entertaining advice in the pleasurable and highly useful activity of making soap.

Includes instruction in basic soaps, decorative soaps, soap balls, hand-milled soaps and much more! This DVD is packed with a host of activities sure to brighten your home, teach valuable skills, and cultivate family creativity.

With warmth, hospitality, and southern charm, the West ladies offer great insight, encouragement, and a joyful picture of family unity. This unique and creative DVD is sure to provide fun skills that will inspire families to work together, learn together, and enjoy the art of soap making.

Duration: 50 Minutes.


  1. Ellen says:

    Ahhh, I just ordered two things on Peddlerswagon last month (shipped to the Netherlands so it was very expensive, over $ 175).
    Can I get a ticket after all?

  2. Mary in Oklahoma says:

    I’m thinking the same thing – we ordered $50 worth two weeks ago…

  3. Jenny says:

    The West girls are friends of a friend of mine, Jewels at

    They had a wonderful visit together last September

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