France 5 Documentary

Last week we had the pleasure of our cousins (well, actually, they weren’t true blood but kindred cousins) who filmed for 3 days at the Urban Homestead for an upcoming documentary about growing food that will air on France’s biggest public broadcasting station (France 5)  in October.   We’ll keep you posted on airing date and details.

I don’t know what it is about European visitors; but, to us, it always feels like we are  hanging with family.   Guess our Belgian, French and Spanish genes have something to do with it.

This was the first large media visit since Jules Dervaes Jr’s sudden passing and it was an emotional time for each and everyone of us.  Filling his shoes for long and in-depth interviews was certainly an extremely daunting and tiring task.   Dad was good at such things,  he was passionate and articulate.  The trowel’s been passed on, now it’s our turn.

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