Jordanne bonding with the chickens

Beware the Ides of March!

Conspiracy against backyard flocks could spread across the world due to fear and government interference. I have a hard time watching the news clips when they show the people in white protective gear heedlessly grabbing chickens, ducks and putting them into plastic bags or drums to do you know what.  

Aaron fromPowering Down commented that his local feed store won’t be carrying chicks this year due to fear of bird flu.   I am all for caution. Caution is good, keeps you alive, but there’s a danger of unwarranted fear that turns to hysteria.

“We cannot control migratory birds but we can surely work hard to close down as many backyard farms as possible,”said Margaret Say, Southeast Asian director for the USA Poultry and Egg Export Council
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Four years ago we ordered 25 peeping day old chicks fromMurray McMurray Hatchery, five we kept and the rest went to a farm in Riverside. Being that was our first time raising chickens, we bought these bantams from the popularMurray McMurray Hatchery. Now that we know what we know and have learned from our experience, we now shy away from such mass hatcheries (even farm/pet supply stores) and are in the process of tracking down smaller, home scale hatcheries. This time around, we will order fertile eggs (not live chicks) that will be acquired from a private chicken breeder.  

As for the goat, we are pondering whether or not it would be feasible (or selfish on our part) to get one since we would probably only have room for one. Knowing that the goats are sociable creatures and like companionship would it be fair for the goat to sleep alone.

Of course, during the day, it would have many forms of companionship hanging out with the chickens, ducks, rabbit, cats and humans.   Jordanne tracked down a local dwarf breeder and she called the lady yesterday and chatted about our concerns.  We are still deliberating…
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  1. claire says:

    large areas of Scotland were decimated by the foot and mouth epidemic a few years back, there are still areas of farmland devoid of life(Dumfrieshire has some really empty farms which is sad to see), if the birds go too its going to be a very quiet place.

  2. KS Milkmaid says:

    This was an informative article. You may want to consider two goats as they are social creatures. It is near torture to have just one. I hope to get some more sometime soon. Their milk makes a wonderful cheese. It went over real well with our customers.