Last week and a half was a rough one, really rough – still is.

I know many of you who have been following the duckie saga on our Facebook accounts – thanks for your concern and prayers.

One of our duckies sustained a bad neck injury.  It happened when the duckies were rough housing – seems to have pulled or bruised a neck ligament or tendon.   The injury was so bad that Amy couldn’t even lift her head.    I think Dawn (our six year old duck) was the one that instigated the tussle and injury to Amy. Lately, Dawn’s been acting more like a he duck or drake.  She’s getting old and not laying as much so she seems to be developing a lot more male tendencies.

Just one of those freak things that happen when you have animals and it really derailed everyone’s plans, projects and schedules (not to mention sleep routine) With such an injury for the first 72 hours she needed around the clock care and that really took a toll.

Though Amy (of Meg, Jo, Beth duckie clan) is doing “better” she’s not out of the woods and would appreciate your prayers.  With such an injury it takes time to heal but then time can reveal some complications.   Not to mention these types of injuries are never covered in books so you DIY on a wing and a prayer.   Books just cover the basis sicknesses and diseases but never stuff like this.   Stuff like this you learn via experience and it’s certainly been an extremely stressful and emotional experience and we do hope she pulls through.

Now that she’s able to eat on her own (she still can’t stand), there’s loads of catching up to do here on the urban homestead and here on the journal.  With an invalid duck, forget about keeping track of what we ate hence the ‘weekly meal wrap up’ is on hiatus at the moment.  I do have to post what we ate that week prior to the incident so that will be forthcoming.

Dear, oh, dear I am soooo far behind …..

Oh and farewell to summer – goodbye and good riddance!  Yeah, sorry a little bitterness there but have to say it was another weird summer – or whatever it was just wasn’t well, you know summer like the “old days. ”  Had to deal with roller coaster weather pattens, bugs, bugs and bugs the likes we’ve never seen before (climate change?)

So we’ve had our full and are ready to close this chapter and open up a new one which we hope will be somewhat “normal” because growing food is hard enough as it is.


  1. Sundari says:

    Me, my hens and my goats will all be praying for Amy! I’m sure she’s very well cared for.

  2. Tara G says:

    Poor Amy.

    I can’t imagine how stressful this must be for all of you. All my prayers for the lovely girl. And a kiss too.

  3. V Schoenwald says:

    My prayers are with Amy and all of you. As a critical care nurse for animals with a humane society here where I live, I am with all of you, I understand the week(s) of no sleep, and intensive care it takes.
    If I may, please make sure fluids are present, this helps with dispelling toxins from the body’s healing process, also I use the Bach flower remedies, and tintures for inflamation from the injury. You are doing fine, you’ve done this enough as I. Again, prayers are sent to all.

  4. Tyler says:

    If you fall a couple days behind on your journal its ok help your little ducky and i hope Amy pulls through and my prayers are with you Amy.

  5. Margy Porter says:

    A few years ago, one of our ducks was injured by a raccoon. The raccoon broke her neck, but was chased away by our dog. For many days she stayed in one spot, with food and water set up in easy reach. She really wanted to wander about the yard with the other two ducks. We were so happy when she recovered! For the rest of her life she had a crooked neck, but she did fine otherwise. Good luck to Amy as she recovers.

  6. Cindie K. says:

    Prayers to your duckie and your family as she moves toward recovery. We are dealing with sickness in one of our critters as our hedgehog Olivia has developed a tumor. This is not a good thing in hedgehogs, and the risk of surgery is as great or greater than the tumor itself. So hard to see our little critters suffer. As for Summer leaving…couldn’t happen soon enough for me. Has been a very unsatisfactory one for my family with such bizarre weather. Again, prayers for Amy!

  7. CE says:

    I hope Amy is better soon.
    I was just reading from your 9/08 on Monsanto. There was some confusion about patented seeds. A company can patent life now. They can patent plant or animal material based on the genetics. GM seeds are patented. Hybrid seeds may or may not be patented. (Older varieties may have had their patents lapse and become public domain again but they do not reproduce by seed. They need to be taken from cuttings etc.) Heritage varieties and Open Polinated varieties are grown from seeds. When any company patents the genetics of the seed they own that seed and all it’s ofspring. And yes that could mean that they can prevent you and I from saving our own seed and planting it next year. That is exactly what they do with their GM seeds. They do consider the genetics to be their property. From your open pollinated seeds you could create our own crosses or hybrids and compete with them. Would they stop you and me from growing our own plants in our backyard? Well they financially destroyed inocent farmers who did not grow their GM crops but whose crops were wind polinated by a neighbor growing GM crops. The crops were taken from the inocent farmer and the farmer hauled into court and charged with stealing patented materials. Would they do this to you and me? I don’t know but if they do it the the big farmers who grow our seeds would they need to come after us? Not for a while…

  8. Sarah S. says:

    It sounds like you have things under control, but in case you would like to speak with someone directly… For advice on the injured duck and what you might be able to do, you could always give a quick call to Farm Sanctuary: 607-583-2225 ext. 221 (in NY and CA) or to Animal Acres: 661-269-5404 (they’re in CA). They care for many animals that come from abuse and neglect situations, including ducks, and may have some insight for you or even additional resources. Good luck! Sarah S.

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