Jules Dervaes on “Sustainable Systems,” as part of ULCA’s Education for Sustainable Living Program in February 2009


  1. Casey Christian says:

    Delightful and very well done! Thank you!

  2. Carolyn Blakeney says:

    What a great discussion! I hope we will be able to attend/host similar discussions on the east coast. My thought is about hybrids; it would be valuable to distinguish between corporate and traditional methods of hybridization. Many of our open-pollinated varieties came about as a result of hybrid crosses, i.e., they were initially not stable. Through patient selection they came to be stable, and thereby repeatable in the home garden. See Carol Deppe’s book, “Breed Your Own Vegetable Varieties”, for more info. Upon stabilization, formerly hybrid crosses can be saved to be passed along to our children. The control remains within the hands of the producers, it just takes a few generations to become a standard. Not at all a bad investment.

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