A few weeks back we received an email from a friend (thanks, Kelly!). She informed us that in the End of Suburbia commentary track, it was mentioned by one of the editor/producers about having met “a family” who grow a sizable percentage of food.  

We have an older, first edition of EOS and weren’t aware of their latest additions and mention of PTF .   

Late last summer the EOS and  Post Carbon crew (along with Julian Darely) came to LA to attend the GardenLAb screening of EOS. While they were in LA they taped an interview with Jules. The interview was/is supposed to be on Global Public Media – stay tuned.

Anyhow, in the mail today we received the revised EOS with the new commentary section.

The following is an excerpt from the commentary by Barry Silverthorn & Gregory Greene (1 hour 10 minutes 7 seconds into the End of Suburbia track):

Guy #1.) (Barry Silverthorn I think) Well I’m already planning to remove part of my lawn and put in a garden. I started gardening this year… so …

Guy #2.) In the … nah, nah … not in the front, though?

Guy #1.) Not in the front but you know, it could happen…. uh, in our travels of screening the documentary we’ve actually … in Pasadena, stumbled across a family — they call their little estate Path to Freedom and on a small city lot – I mean of course they have a longer growing season in California – but they produce 6,000 pounds of food on a small city lot. And they power their house withsolar and they brew their own biodiesel for their vehicle. You know? So, I mean it is possible to grow a lot of food in a small space.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t mention the website so people can read/ learn more about PTF’s project. Bummer.

On Friday we sent in a workshop proposal as requested by the organizers of 2005 Sol Fest. This year’s festival will have a new workshop space called: “Preparing for the Post-PetroleumWorld.”    We’ll know sometime next week if our workshop proposal’s been accepted.

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  1. stella says:

    that’s so cool! i’m still trying to get my hands on a copy of eos to watch. our local library only has vhs and we don’t have a working vcr anymore, only dvd. bummer!

  2. Anais says:

    Hello Stella

    NetFlix is carrying EOS.