Yesterday was a much cooler (and windy), a more typical spring-like weather (yes!) However, the nice weather is short-lived, temps are going to be nearing 90’s by mid week.   Apparently, Mother Nature can’t decide on the season. 

These days food travels at least 1,400 miles before it reaches our tables. We are blessed that we are able to eat a pretty sizable percentage from our garden. Yesterday’s meals consisted of a huge salad with a side dish of potatoes and green onions and broccoli and today’s meals will be stir-fry greens and salad — all from our garden.  Of course, we had to buy the dressing and some nuts and dried fruit to sprinkle on the salad and organic rice, but basically the meal consisted of homegrown produce which traveled less than a couple of feet.

This month of April, PTF is going to be “on the road” — busy participating in a couple of Earth Day events around town. Lots of things to do…