FOOD CRAFTING: Fermenting, Canning & More

This July offers an excellent selection of events at Urban Homestead (participate in them all!). Gain the satisfaction of becoming more self-reliant by learning a new skill or just enjoy working and (re-)creating with others.

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL:  Register early and SAVE $5-$15 on these skill share classes.

Children under 12 can attend free with their parents. But they won’t be able to take home all the goodies.

Tues, July 15 SKILL SHARE: Knit Together & Crochet too 7-9pm
Thurs, July 17 MAKE Peach Jam & Peach Salsa 7-9pm Reserve today $5 OFF
Tues, July 22 SKILL SHARE: Make Do & Mend 7-9pm
Thurs, July 24 FERMENT YOUR FOODS 7-9pm Reserve today $15 OFF
Thurs, July 31 HOMESTEADING IN THE CITY Raising Chickens & Ducks 7-9pm

Event details, times, etc.  go to  TEXT in your reservation at 626 765 5704

WANTED: “HomeSkillers”

Would you like to host a workshop or skill share class?- contact us at


  1. tara dollins says:

    Yall are awsome! I grew up on a farm and lived on a farm all my 42 years and I go to your website to see what I can learn . Thanks so much !

  2. Kentucky Dave says:

    I was raised on a farm where self reliance and independance was the norm. We raised 95% of all our food and preserved it. I am so glad to see there are more like minded people out there. when we as a nation allowed the government and big coorporations to control our food supply and even our ability to grow it unhendered, is when we lost the heart of our nation…

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