The second in our “I didn’t know any better” series. Dear, oh dear look at those dang hillbillies. Barefeet, kitchen pot tops on our heads! Sheesh, I think I need to see a shrink. 😉

Nike’s, what Nike’s?

We went out to “just do it” in our bare feet – Anais & Justin

P.S. and still barefootin to this very day.

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  1. ValP says:

    Aren’t children supposed to be barefoot? 😉

  2. Anais says:

    Yeah, that’s what I thought.

    You would believe how many people (even kids) these day who comment at our barefeet.

    Last week Jordanne went out to talk with some of the school children, who with their teachers, were admiring and pointing out insects in the front yard. Jordanne, barefoot as usual, was chatting away with one of the teachers and a few of the kids (oh, I’d say about 6 or 8 years old) exclaimed “eeewwww – barefeet!” Like they never have seen someone without shoes before.

    Poor kids, they have no idea what they are missing!

  3. ValP says:

    Sometimes I think I am living a twilight zone. Ewwwwing barefeet? My neighbor calls me barefoot contessa. He is an older man who tells us stories of gleaning during WW2. I love listening!

  4. Nat West says:

    My four year old daughter and I go barefoot most all summer long, leaving a pair of shoes in the car for when we need to enter restaurants, grocery stores, etc. She has tougher feet than I do! I shoe-up during the wet and cold winter months west of the Cascades here, but she stays barefoot all winter long. We call it “wearing hobbit shoes”.

  5. Christine says:

    It’s so wonderful that you and your siblings had a real life. One where your parents let you use your imagination! That’s freedom! C

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